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Regular cleaning of the benefits of solar water heaters
2013-02-03 by seoer2

The solar water heater is one of the essential household products, many people in the use of solar water heater manufacturer, often just in the water heater with 10 years, 8 years, I felt before the hot water temperature no, the functionality of the water heater is not as good as the beginning of time will want to find someone to take a look at the repair repair general the majority of cases are vacuum tube solar water heater within the scale too, affect the ability of the vacuum tubes absorb solar heat. Do not know a lot of friends there, at this moment, even if your solar cleaning time will not be too long-term. So to suggest that in the use of solar water heater, solar water heater on a regular basis for cleaning and maintenance.

Benefits of regular cleaning of solar water heaters are the following:

1 can shorten the heating time;

Heater "more and more" to save the amount of hot water;

Can save electricity;

4 timely removal of water impurities, better care of your skin;

5. Avoid scale plot more than vacuum tube heat can cause an explosion event.

Perhaps many people will doubt the good Manduo, even if we wanted to clean, but also know how to clean the Caixing. The glorious company staff today to teach you how to clean the non-pressurized solar water heat? Divided into the following six steps:

1, first of all you have to open the solar water heater intake;

2, then the solar water heater detergents added to the water holding tank;

3, so that the water heater automatic thermal cycling for 20-30 minutes, and full access to all parts of the detergents solution;

4, and then open the outfall drain cleaning fluid;

5, and then again and then the tank filled with water circulating two minutes;

6, the final draining of the circulating water, cleaning cleaning work is completed.

This process of looking at it is not difficult, but in the process of operation to be careful, and if it is not, then the cleaning or professional staff. Of course, if you use the brilliant anti-scaling solar, no-clean, brilliant anti-scaling the use of solar energy "the antiscale eye" of innovation and technology, durable and efficient, every day, from the first day, to.