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The solar power generation system for the first time for the Olympic venues
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With the transfer of the different periods of the day, the sun's rays, automatically converting the rotational angle of the battery plate, thereby to maximize suction

The purpose of the solar energy received. Chaoyang Park prior to completion of the "chase day type" solar power system has been to achieve the grid, the

The system will be first applied to the Olympic stadium. Automatic "chasing day type the seatbelts power system is located on the 29th

A green space on the northeast corner of the Olympic beach volleyball courts long and 11 meters wide and 8 meters, 11 kilowatts of power by 63 monocrystalline silicon material

The feed composition, the bottom is a rotating disc. The role of the engine, the huge solar panels can be achieved

DAY rotation of 270 degrees vertical and horizontal. The life of the cell panel of up to 50 years, daily generating electric power of approximately 20 degrees, only

This one, a year will be able to beach volleyball powered 7200 degrees. According to Chaoyang Park Development Company the Chief Engineer Guoshao first referral

Presentations, the use of solar power generation system of the "chase day type" to the Olympic venues, this is the first time. 2006, Chaoyang

Park began the development of solar power, and acquisition of more than 140 solar street light in the year for the park. However, due to the power generation system

System in the batteries contain lead and sulfuric acid solution, easy to pollute the surrounding environment, coupled with less stored energy, the life of

Short, failed to promote the use of final non-polluting "DAY" green solar power system replaced, and used for the Olympic Games

Will be a beach volleyball court. Compared to traditional solar power systems, "chasing Japanese system advantages without

The necessary energy is stored in batteries. Two grid inverter set up in a beach volleyball court, function room roof directly

Convert the DC power to 380 volt three-phase AC power, and fed into the grid, the electrical equipment used for the game field. "It's the biggest

The significance lies not in how much of the daily power generation, but the development of new energy at the same time, will not cause any pollution to the environment. '

Guoshao first introduced. According to reports, the absorption ofreplacement seat beltpower generation system of the "chase day type" battery plate every day than ordinary batteries

Board high 35, is currently the world's state-of-the-art solar power generation system. Statistical data show that the beach volleyball court DAY

Type solar power system to reduce annual 23.4 tons of carbon dioxide and 1.5 tons of sulfur dioxide, the equivalent of 45 tennis courts

The small green area to produce a performance and to conserve tap water of 60 tons. At present, the use of 270-degree rotation chasing daily generation

The electricity generated by the system, primarily to meet the beach volleyball and perimeter lighting, heating, cooling and other daily needs. According to another

Understanding, Chaoyang Park in the future there will be increase in other regions this "chasing the Japanese solar panels, supply park public

Electrical equipment.