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Solar water heaters morning water temperature control
2013-03-25 by seoer2
As the early morning sunlight is weak, so the solar water heater manufacturersystem play a role. In order to provide a temperature not lower than 30 degrees Celsius water, water heater tank between 4-7 points in the morning electric heating, specific control procedure is as follows:
First, turn off the cold water valve and the circulating water valve, and then the microcomputer start tank temperature acquisition, while the temperature comparison, the heater is turned on for heating when the temperature of the tank is less than 30 degrees Celsius, while thesolar water heater system microcomputer to continue to the hot water tank temperature acquisition. When heated to a temperature greater than 30 degrees Celsius when the heater is disconnected, and so forth cycle to ensure the stability of the temperature.
Circulating water collector process. Water temperature control (7 to 9:00) in the morning, set the date of the tank temperature, enter the computer, and then using a microcomputer control system, solar energy heating hot water tank in order to achieve the desired temperature. The specific control process are as follows:Open the circulation valve, turn off the cold water inlet valve, the hot water valve in the air-control state. Then start comparing the temperature, the circulating water collector end of the process, into the control process of the cold collector.
Cold water collector control. The temperature of the hot water tank has been reached, the cold water to enter the solar collectors, when the temperature T3, and the date set temperature value compared to if T3> N will have heated water is fed to the hot water tank. the daily control period is about 9:00 to 20:00.
The tank heating control. At this point, maybe you will be asked if there is no sunshine or sunshine weaker night we still be able to wash on hot bath it? Answer is yes, do not forget this heater there is a system, then it To play a role. The temperature of the hot water tank T1, compare it and set the value of N, which controls whether to open the electric heating, control period for the afternoon.