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Solar water heater maintenance of common sense
2013-03-25 by seoer2
The use of solar water heater's solar energy for the benefit of human philosophy, not only the production of solar water heater led a series of solar products, and constantly open up new areas of application of solar thermal power generation, refrigeration technology. The use of solar energy should be how to care for, as follows:
1.bath run out of water in the solar water heater, and the person has not rinse, then a few minutes in cold water, using cold water sink hot water floating principle top of the water in the vacuum tube can then take a bath a.
2.Night after bath, the water heater tank half of the nearly 70 °C hot water in order to prevent heat dissipation is too large, the less water heat loss, the faster but also according to the weather forecast decision on the amount of water the next day. sunny, full of water on rainy days, on 2/3 of the water.
3.Water solar water heater system above and around obstructions or local air soot collector surface dusty. Processing method: remove obstructions or re-select the installation location, severely polluted areas, users should regularly wipe collector tube.
4.on the valve off lax. Tap water, cold water, hot water in the tank top out and caused the water temperature to reduce. Processing methods: repair or replace the valve.
5.Lack of water pressure. Approach  increased installed an automatic suction pump.
6.In order to ensure the normal use of the water heater, monthly safety valve not less than once maintenance to ensure the normal pressure relief safety valve.
7.down pipes leaking. Processing methods: replacement of of piping valves or fittings.
8.Periodic system of sewage to prevent the line blocking, and tank cleaning, ensure clean water. When sewage, as long as the in the influent normal case, open the drain valve, the outflow of fresh water to the drain valve on the line.