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Energy subsidies to promote solar energy business transformation and shuffle
2012-07-08 by seoer2

In stark contrast with the number of more than 200 companies short-listed in the policy of home appliances, chinese solar water heater, energy-saving subsidies list recently released enterprise with only a handful of 20. In this regard, expert analysis, the high threshold of the energy subsidies to the solar industry, a large number of small and medium enterprises stopped at the door. At the same time, energy subsidies in the promotion of the industry reshuffle will guide the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
2009, the solar water heater for the first time included in the policy within the scope of subsidies for home appliances, the first round of bidding, there are 92 companies selected. Since then the number of successful enterprises all the way up to the fourth round of bidding, the companies short-listed the number as many as 243. With the policy of home appliances gradually ending, retail sales of solar water heater market remains in the doldrums, many solar companies have high hopes for the energy-saving subsidies Deal. According to incomplete statistics, the declaration in the first round of the national farmer subsidies of solar energy companies more than 200, however, only 20 companies to be shortlisted.
Expert analysis, although this time is tight, heavy tasks, some companies rush to prepare and unsuccessful reasons, but more important is overwhelmed by energy-saving subsidies on household electrical appliance enterprises to set a more stringent vetting mechanism and the access threshold, missed the participation of the poor strength SMEs. For example, the implementation of the rules of the most important change is not only a simple evaluation of the energy-saving effect of certain types of appliances, while asking the manufacturer promised to June this year, one year sales of energy-saving appliances to achieve a certain standard, or can not enjoy the subsidy. It is reported that the minimum limits for the promotion of solar water heaters is 50 000 units.

Energy subsidies to promote solar energy business transformation and shuffle
China Standardization Research Institute Li Aixian This means that the promotion of energy-saving appliances is no longer just the product of energy-saving technologies assessment, how it also depends on market acceptance and sales. She further explained that the energy-saving appliances is only true for the majority of users select and use to play a role in the measures to urge manufacturers from the interests of consumers, to eliminate some of the ultra-high-end energy-saving appliances, excellent energy-saving effect, but because costs are too high or The use of harsh conditions and other factors can only stay in the lab, or will be efficient and high-end fully equated.
I also learned that the energy subsidies, in addition to need to meet the requirements of the projects that benefit the promotion of the implementation details, the companies need to first advance the costs of subsidies, in order to get subsidies to complete the task. The reporters found that the number of firms in the previous flashed the yellow card by the competent department of the Ministry of Finance for the appliances to the countryside enterprises, solar heating water industry on the list has been topped. Some experts believe that, with the large number of solar industry, small and medium enterprises, product quality and skill levels, industry-developed a great relationship. I learned that the solar water heater business was more than up to 7500, the company's products quality varies greatly. The mode of operation of the energy subsidies for the solar thermal industry, mainly SMEs, really the pressure is not small.
However, China's Solar Thermal Industry Association Secretary-General Huozhi Chen, home appliances on the solar industry has played a positive promoting and standardizing the energy subsidy policy is to lead the competition in the industry of technological innovation, thereby contributing to the industry as a whole the transformation and upgrading.