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gas-fired power performance after the use of solar water heaters
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As people continue to strengthen environmental awareness, more and more consumers tend to choose a solar water heater, but many people not know much about the use of this product. Here, we will be the performance of solar water heaters, electric water heaters and gas water heaters make a rough comparison.

First, hot water production

Gas water heater 5 liters, 7 liters, 8 promotion of different models, refers to the amount of production of hot water when the water temperature of 25 ° C within 1 minute, if the tap water temperature of 25 ° C per minute can be produced 50 ° C hot water 5 liters, 7 liters or 8 liters.

Dimension of the electric water heater is 30 liters, 60 liters, 90 liters, which means the water capacity of the electric water heater, which is equivalent to a water bottle on the electric stove, Sheng solar powered indoor lights in this kettle is 30 liters, 60 liters, 90 liters. Take an eight liters of gas water heater with a 40-liter electric water heater, 8-liter gas water heater can continuously produce 8 liters per minute of hot water, electric water heater needs a half-hour intervals heating a jug of water. If the tank water is used up, we have to wait about half an hour.

Solar water heater in accordance with annual average temperature 15.7 ℃, 2014 hours of annual sunshine, global solar radiation, the total annual average of 111.59 kcal / square meter collector area of ??2 square meters, the annual absorption of solar radiation energy of 9.37 × 106 kJ throughout the year, according to the calculation of the water temperature of 35 ° C (the basis of water temperature 10 ° C) available throughout the year living with hot water (45 ° C) 53.5 tons per person per bath with hot water to about 50 kg, washable for 1070 people, average daily wash 2.93 people.

Second, the heating rate

The current production of gas water heaters are mostly water heater, no matter what, as long as want to use hot water, open the gas valves and faucets, hot water will flow out. Electric water heater requires a pre-energized about half an hour to get started. solar powered air conditioning  use of better weather, the best floor in six to eight.

Third, the temperature stability

Gas water heater is fast heating, and adjust the temperature of the device, as long as transferred to the body feels comfortable temperature when using the Start, and then would have been to maintain a constant supply of hot water at this temperature.

Electric water heater when in use need to pick a cold water tube blended with cold water when the tank water outflow of cold water being added, the water temperature will gradually drop until all the cold water. Use, the need constantly to adjust the proportion of hot and cold water.

Solar water heater is not yet convenient, you want to Sheung Shui, and can not always have hot water.

Fourth, the power aspects of

Power than electric water heater gas water heater, take a 8 liters of gas water heaters and electric water heaters of 40 liters, compared to eight liters of gas water heater power is equivalent to 16-17 kW, and 40 liters electric water heater of 3 kW This reason is why the gas water heater can be a continuous supply of hot water. Then, the electric water heater can also be made of 16 kilowatts it? It is impossible, because the household meter, the wires can not afford.

Fifth, the price

8 liters of gas water heater prices generally more than $ 800, plus installation fees, about 1000 yuan, and some even close to 2000 yuan. Electric water heaters are now more than $ 500, plus installation costs, generally less than 1000 yuan. The price of solar water heaters are more than 3000 yuan.

The use of cost per cubic meter of natural gas to 1.7 yuan per kWh to 0.44 yuan, while solar water heaters, water consumption fee only.

Sixth, the security aspects of

Gas water heater has the advantage of quick heating, water volume, temperature stability, less furring, small footprint, from the water control. The disadvantage is that when used to emit large amounts of exhaust gas, in addition to other than carbon dioxide in the exhaust, carbon monoxide, If you use the doors and windows closed, poorly ventilated, carbon monoxide will increase, and in severe cases of poisoning incidents, but if we can understand this correctly, the use of Note that is also very safe; In addition, the gas water heater to start the high water pressure, and some live in high-level users do not install the booster pump will not be able to start; installation is not convenient, to holes in the wall, An exhaust fan, and so on.

The advantages of the electric water heater is able to adapt to any changes in the weather, the average family can be installed directly, long power can flow of hot water; use does not produce emissions, so this sense is both safe and health, is currently on the market The majority of the water heater with electric shock devices. The disadvantage is that the bulky, take up interior space, easy guitar scale, a large energy waste, the latest type of electric water heater has built-in magnesium anode rod descaling devices to solve the problem of easy scaling, but the magnesium anode rod shall be for two years to replace one, to the maintenance of trouble.

The advantages of solar water heater is safety, energy, environmental, economic, especially with auxiliary heating function of solar water heaters, solar-based electricity, supplemented by energy use year-round all-weather use. The disadvantage is that the complexity of the installation, improper installation, housing appearance, quality, and the city will affect the appearance of the city; to be installed outdoors, maintenance trouble.