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solar hot water engineering
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A console series and parallel.
Applicable to small-scale, low requirements of customers. Single row of the console series and parallel series Number of units in principle, should be more than six, at the same time the design need to pay attention to balance the machine out of hot water to fill the cold water situation.
2. Split-type engineering machine string parallel carried out the centralized water supply type
(1) natural circulation type
Application of small-scale projects. The program design, installation is relatively simple, lower cost. The main advantage of cold, hot water, the density difference between the formation of a thermal siphon pressure head, weak power loop in order to achieve the purpose of upgrading cold water temperature. Use of the principle design installation works should pay attention to: the mouth cycle on the the water tank should be higher than the the 30cm left and right of the cycle the mouth on the the collector, on the cycle pipeline in the avoid appear the the phenomenon of of the the "anti-slope". Otherwise, not only the hot water effect not reach the serious will cause the vacuum pressure and burst.
The ② forced temperature difference circulation type
Applicable to a large central hot water works. The program complement the cold water installations directly connected with the tank in the morning, a one-time injection of the water tank full of cold water. To temperature of using solar collector to keep their Ta and the water tank under the cycle the mouth Department temperature Tb in temperature difference, system that will another increase the hot water circulating pump provide the impetus, so that the water tank cold water with the collector hot water to carried out the cycle, in in order to to reach the that the enhance the the water tank temperature the purpose of. External force due to a hot water circulating pump is installed in the system piping. Therefore, water tanks below the collector loop port loop port, you must install the exhaust valve. Otherwise, the vacuum tube burst due to excessive pressure on the circulatory system.
(3) constant temperature water type
Used in large central hot water works. The program to fill the cold water installations and collector connected through the control fill the cold water installations open collector to set the requirements of hot water into the top tank insulation until a tank full of water, and then to force the temperature cycle. The biggest advantage is that the hot solar powered garden lighting collectors can take full advantage of higher system thermal effect of the program.

Third, central hot water works system functional design
A water tank level display
Observation of the hot water tank insulation, can be very intuitive and reasonable arrangements for the amount of hot water.
(2) tank temperature display
Can keep abreast of the hot water tank insulation temperature, set the auxiliary energy to start the critical value according to customer requirements.
Collector high-temperature display
Can be observed in the solar collector hot water temperature, and this is the most intuitive way to understand the performance of solar water heater products.
4 cold water fill time is set
According to customer requirements, using the control switch within 24 hours, divided into two groups, a total of six time periods set free to fill the cold water time.
5 fill the cold water the water level set
According to the different seasons and water consumption, full of water, water protection devices, free to control the solar thermal water tank level (in particular, to prevent "dry" heat pipe).
6 regularly scheduled warm start the auxiliary energy control
According to customer specific requirements, using the timing constant temperature or weather set the temperature control of auxiliary energy.
Regularly scheduled temperature control is passed - the control switch and the thermostat switch in series to start the auxiliary energy, solar water tank insulation temperature below the set value within the set time. Around the clock to set the temperature control means 24 hours a day, solar water temperature below the set value, an auxiliary energy to start.
7 regularly scheduled temperature of the hot water control
Regularly scheduled temperature of the hot water control when the control switch and the thermostat switch in series, within the specified time to achieve the required temperature of the hot water supply to the water point.
Hot water pipe circulation function settings
When the control switches, temperature switches, electromagnetic relays in series, within the set time, the hot water pipe temperature is below the thermostat switch when the set temperature, both at the same time start, so that the electromagnetic relay vent pipe pressure. Automatic backwater start the booster pump, water tank insulation of hot water into the pipes, cold water on the top into the tank. Water point a valve is always hot water.
9 pipeline freezing measures
Good winter in the north, to solve the pipe freezing problems. Can pipe venting pipe temperature cycling Protection Act, and installation of the with tropical Protection Act. When the pipe to reach the freezing threshold using the above method to enhance the pipe temperature, play a protective role.

Fourth, central hot solar hot water tubes works installation and construction design
(1) engineering staff should be based on the actual situation of the construction site, targeted production of the construction program.
4m3 above water tank must be placed in the load-bearing beams, and made anti-beam reinforcement. Floor to prevent crushed.
3 floor water leak design
Host of solar energy, water tank fixed in the floor, you should try not to destroy the floor of the original leak-proof water facilities.
Typhoon design
Host of solar energy, water tank can be expansion screw fixation, wire rope cable-stayed fixed, and production of cement squatting fixation.