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Analysis of the three advantages of Geo-heat pump combined with the construction
2012-08-06 by seoer2

Geothermal is a renewable energy source, can be widely used in commercial buildings, public buildings, residential apartments, schools, hospitals and other buildings, it's very fast, refrigeration Express correspondent understand the late 1980s began in the world range of applications, in recent years around the world each year high growth rate of more than 20%. Ground source heat pump technology have made outstanding contributions to building energy efficiency, ground source heat pump is running, do not consume the water does not pollute the water, no boiler, no cooling tower does not need to pile up the fuel waste site, significant environmental benefits, comprehensive up and it has three advantages:
    First, energy conservation. By industry professionals measurement that the surface temperature throughout the year remained at a more appropriate range of 10 ~ 20 ℃, in the case of a more constant temperature, its full-year cooling capacity and heating capacity output (capacity) is relatively stable, "antagonistic" effect, the energy consumption of air conditioning system is running will be greatly reduced. The summer cooling efficiency EER and winter heating efficiency COP than air source heat pump system 20% to 40%. For example, one kilowatt of electricity in the winter, the soil or water 4 to 5 kW of heat into the room. In the summer, the reverse process, ground source heat pump is able to get the most comfortable environment with minimal energy consumption.
    The second is environmental protection. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, can be regenerated at any time in the course of being used, and the use does not produce any waste, the use of ground source heat pump technology will give the building energy efficiency to bring outstanding results. Refrigeration Express reporter has learned, the 160,000 square meters of heating systems using ground source heat pump + ice storage "technology in each heating season can absorb about 12 million kwh of heat from the underground soil, equivalent to 1500 tons of standard coal, 1320 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 70 tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, 15 tons of dust, in terms of environmental protection has a very significant effect.
    Third, the low cost. Ground source solar air conditioning system pump to be consumed in the construction of a fee, but once completed, running costs are quite low. The use of ground source heat pump system can be multiple use, not only heating but also provide domestic hot water, life in general in more than 15 years. According to the existing practical engineering calculations, such as the use of groundwater source heat pump, the initial investment is about 300 yuan to 400 yuan per square meter in the cold and heat source part of the investment of about 220 yuan per square meter, domestic chiller plus boiler roughly the same or slightly lower than the initial investment of the central air-solar street lamps system in the later use of the operating costs are quite low, the power consumption of the ground source heat pump and air source heat pump can also reduce the more than 40%; compared with electric heating can be reduced by more than 70 percent of its heating system than the average gas boiler efficiency increased by nearly 50%, 75% higher than the efficiency of gas-fired boiler.