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international Centrifugal Sewage Heat Exchanger features of
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At present, the most extensive use of sewage equipment, a good solution to the untreated dirty media containing large suspended solids, particles, or objects caused by the clogging of heat exchangers, while avoiding time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning work, and untreated urban or industrial wastewater, low grade heat to the full application.
    Renold free washable centrifugal sewage heat exchanger structure is not complicated, within the heat exchanger shell has a double spiral flow channel, the double spiral flow channel, the port connected with the intermediate water exports and intermediate water inlet, double layer spiral flow channel chinese solar water heater conduit, double spiral flow channel, a fixed connection of the peripheral edge of the shell wall, and within weeks the edge of the tube outer wall of the double spiral flow channel fixed connection, double spiral flow channel adjacent the outer wall of cavity formed between the sewage flow, the sewage flow and lower ends into the mouth and the sewage outfall and sewage connectivity; municipal sewage or industrial waste water from the top of the heat exchanger into the spiral along the sewer flow channel downstream. under the influence of centrifugal force, the sewage in the shell internal rotation to the bottom of the sewage outfall; intermediary water from the bottom of the heat exchanger into the reverse bottom-up along the spiral chamber running from the top intermediate water outlet outflow to complete Heat Exchanger .
    Centrifugal characteristics sewage heat exchanger:
    Renold centrifugal sewage heat exchanger to solve the problems of the existing heat exchanger can not by untreated sewage, wastewater, and full of sewage and waste in low-grade heat, the effective use of urban sewage, not and then flow away in vain.
    Renold centrifugal sewage heat exchanger design, increased widening of sewage flow, solve the problems of the conventional heat exchanger is prone to clogging.
    , The Renold centrifugal sewage heat exchanger flow centrifugal force, the formation of turbulence (turbulent flow; the turbulence, turbulent flow; the turbulence) of this three-dimensional non-steady state, with the irregular movement of rotation, making the adjacent sewage stratosphere not only slide, there are solar powered air conditioning  for the irregular movement, perpendicular to the flow tube axis direction points the speed of the generation of turbulence, making untreated sewage, wastewater, solid particles, as well as a variety of suspended solids, easily be taken away, can not be deposited in the surface of the heat exchanger surface, avoiding the frequent cleaning of heavy labor, while addressing the sedimentation of solids caused by the heat exchanger efficiency reduced.
    The Renold centrifugal sewage heat exchanger heating the front end of the refrigeration and heat pump units as a construction field, to avoid a ground source heat pump to take groundwater heat exchanger led to recharge poor, the possibility of groundwater contamination, but also to avoid taking heat in the form of underground pipe underground large initial investment, heat exchanger Kong covers an area of ??major problems. Provides an excellent choice of universal energy saving.