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Constant air volume valve in the ventilation and air conditioning system
2012-09-02 by seoer2

The exhaust system

    A good air conditioning system design, the exhaust system must be very reasonable, and this is often not given due attention. In civil construction, especially in high-rise buildings, the air tightness of the building envelope is very good, just less air volume can maintain room pressure value. About 85 to 90% fresh air from the outdoors, so as to ensure that the air supply, exhaust air flow balance, otherwise no amount of fresh air can not be sent to the room must be organized exhaust. In civil construction, exhaust generally through the bathroom, water auxiliary space exhausted to the outside. , In addition, sometimes an additional set of exhaust system, to ensure delivery, exhaust balance. For bathroom exhaust, the usual practice is to each toilet, two bathroom ventilators, exhaust fan interlock with the ventilation shaft. We know that high-rise buildings within the fresh air system should be run throughout the year, corresponding exhaust system should be run throughout the year. That is, to use the bathroom can not go to control the opening of the bathroom ventilators, there is no need to set bathroom ventilators. Moreover, a large fan with dozens of small wind turbines exhaust system runs both difficult to match and uneconomical. Exhaust capacity of 400m3 / h of the bathroom ventilators noise have about 40dB, the bathroom lose quiet. The bathroom home solar water heater great deal of trouble to maintenance. To solve this problem, we can cancel the bathroom ventilation, the addition of a constant air volume ventilation shaft on each branch pipe valve shaft located at the top of an exhaust fan. This exhaust system, to ensure that the layers the exhaust amount roughly equal, system control is simple, reliable operation, the bathroom can be very quiet.

    Variable air volume air conditioning system

    VAV air-conditioning system, outside the area using the variable air volume within the zone constant air volume in a wind amount, wind pressure constantly changes the air supply system, the inner zone constant air volume design is inseparable from the given amount of wind valve's.

    Clean air conditioning system

    Pressure value is essential to maintain a clean room in the air conditioning system, plus a set amount of wind valve in the exhaust or ventilation system can effectively guarantee a clean room pressure value. Keep the operating room positive pressure clean room operation without required surgery when fresh air is needed to guarantee fresh air plus staff required positive pressure fresh air, fresh air when surgery is not only to ensure positive pressure fresh air, new duct need to set up a double-digit constant solar powered garden  volume valve.
    In the the wind piping balance on the application

    In the whole air system, due to the influence of the building conditions of the branch pipes between resistance certainly not balanced, the general use of the three-way valve or multi-leaf outside the regulating valve to complete the air volume distribution. In order to ensure that the amount of wind on the important room or main branch pipes do not too large or too small, reduce debugging blindness, plus a set amount of wind valve may be appropriate to replace the three-way valve or regulating valve leafy outside.