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solar thermal technology in the development of our applications
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A solar water heater.

The use of solar thermal is the highest degree of commercialization, popularization and application of one of the most popular technology for renewable energy technologies. 1998 World Solar water heaters total reserves of about 54 million square meters. Cyprus and Israel in the world per capita use of solar water heater area, one or two, respectively, for 1 sq m / and 0.7 m2 / person. 20% of households use solar water heaters in Japan, Israel 80% of households use solar water heaters.home solar water heater

In 20 years, solar water heaters in China has been rapid development and application. In the late 1970s began to develop household water heaters. At present there are more than 500 water heater manufacturers, production of about 400 million square meters in 1998, the total installed capacity of approximately 14 million square meters, the production of the world's. China's solar water heaters per square meter on average annual savings of 100 to 150 kg of standard coal.

The late 1980s, China started to develop a high-performance vacuum tube collector. Tsinghua University to develop the all-glass vacuum tube collector structure is simple, the similar elongated Thermoses, inner tube outer surface of the selective absorption coating is the key technology. The all-glass vacuum tube collector has achieved industrialization of the country with more than 60 all-glass vacuum tube collector production plant, with an annual output of more than 300 million vacuum tubes. The late 1980s to the early 1990s, the Solar Energy Research Institute in Beijing have in our government, UNDP support and cooperation with Germany successfully developed heat pipe vacuum tube collectors, the products are sold at home and abroad.

Dominant position in the market, two kinds of flat-panel and evacuated tube solar water heater. Flat-plate solar water heater domestic market share of about 65%; points all-glass vacuum tube water heater and two heat pipe, approximately 35% of the domestic market share. Mainly for home solar water heater, followed by factories, offices, and public places.
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