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Solar water heater security problems and solutions
2013-01-10 by seoer2

The ground charged due to the water heater and caused an electric shock accident occurred repeatedly, the reason: the the physical grounding system installed electric water heater is not good, even lacking, such as the wrong line, the aging, private pull wire, use The poor quality of switches and sockets, water pipes when the ground lines, and these are likely to lead to the the ground charged, causing electric shock.

Not securely installed electric water heater installation not firmly fixed fall, users Zacheng the serious injury accidents have occurred. Not securely installed fixed expansion of the wall are not properly secured, or the wall itself low intensity, can not be fixed expansion bolts.

The line open air risk factors for surface more solar water heaters installed after the tenants move, solar water heaters, water pipes and wires are Ming wall outside, said suspended in the wall outside. This installation the following problems: poor insulation effect, blocked pipes easy winter freeze, even cause pipeline Donglie, melted to the neighbor within seepage; wire subjected to wind and rain, easy to aging leakage; because without reliable fixed measures, easily be blown off caused by the charged end of the floor caused others electric shock.domestic solar hot water

System safety design focus

Residential is the man to provide housing, living space and functionality of the building. Residential commercialization development, fine decorated apartments as a finished product sales to households, will be the development trend of domestic goods. The residential system functions in the design phase should coordinate the same layout design and reserved, in particular the the gas interface design and the use of safety appliances interface and equipment installation interface. Residential hot water supply systems in the design phase should be systematic way choice. Choose to use photoelectric complementary hot water supply system, you should install the security design, and other system problems.

The photoelectric complementary mode select

From residential architectural design point of view and the useful life of equipment, energy saving and economic point of view, and many other aspects that split photoelectric complementary mode than the overall formula has the following advantages:

Reduce the length of the outstanding advantages of the electric water heater installed or cable directly connected with electric water heaters with solar water heaters do not connect, compared with the overall photoelectric complementary solar water heater has a short cable.chinese solar water heater

Piping heat loss solar water heaters are installed on the roof. When the rainy days when you need to start the water heater complement hot, the overall photoelectric complementary type solar water heater water heating in the roof before flowing back into the indoor use, will increase the heat loss of the pipe along the way, is not conducive to building energy efficiency. For the top water solar water heater, hydraulic hours, electric heating, hot water because of inadequate water pressure can not be used. Resulting in waste of energy and heat loss. The above problem does not exist for the split optical complementary.