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Solar water heater drive power will be gradually to the development of modular
2012-06-29 by seoer2

Recently, green solar water heater for the new century as the theme of the forum held at the Hong Kong-listed companies BRIGHT home solar water heater, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Taiwan University of Science and Technology Dr. Xiaohong Qing profound analysis of the development direction and strategy for the future of green solar water heater technology. Among them, he highlighted, solar water heater solar water heater should work towards in the future: a correct understanding of its illumination and luminance-oriented application characteristics, to provide reasonable light distribution curve, reduce glare and enhance the diversity of color and color temperature and solve the heat of the solar water heater drive circuit, modular, standardized, and standardization.

Coincidentally, the four municipalities of solar water heaters Technology Forum held recently Tianjin, Shanghai solar water heater Association vice chairman of the Lighting Research Institute, Fudan University, Professor Liu Muqing also stressed that the solar water heater in the functional application of solar water heater products compatible and interoperable change to achieve a modular, standardized, and standardization.

The modular solar water heater is the light source, cooling parts, drive power synthesizer module, mass production, mold making, standardized solar water heater solar water heater products. These modular systems include drive cable can quickly and easily integrated.

To ignore the complexity of solid-state solar water heater, easy to use product will obviously be more loved by the user, modular and intelligent will give users a lot of convenient, is the main trend of the solar water heater solar water heater system.

Fragmentation of market power "Because of the solar water heater power is also a lack of a mandatory uniform standards, single, multiple, different sizes, leading to many problems." Wallace Dayton semiconductor solar powered hot water heater  Co., Ltd., deputy general manager Li Britain had I said the main problems of solar water heater power industry, "non-standard customer many custom products, these 'personalized' products often lack the professional, will lead to frequent failures. it for the quality and quantity communication in this regard under a lot of energy. "

The Inventronics Chih Chen, Sales Director, has said that the solar water heater drive power toward the systematic, integrated and intelligent control of the direction of development.

With the development of technologies and markets mature, the industry standards is imperative, sophisticated standard is the basic guarantee of the healthy development of the solar water heater industry, constant voltage constant current integration of modular products will become mainstream products also will gradually increase the efficacy of intelligent control.