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Export of solar water heaters will slow in 2009
2012-07-02 by seoer2

The much-anticipated Beijing Olympic Games has ended, the magnificent Olympic Games to the people of the world can never forget the profound memory. Beijing Olympics opening ceremony is not only a sports event, ever use the maximum amount of a super solar water heater solar water heater technology Mitsuhide. Each field section of the opening ceremony of the use of solar water heaters, numerous pieces of solar water heaters Bird's Nest to create Ambilight.
According to reports, in addition to at least 60% energy saving than conventional domestic solar water heater , solar water heaters by virtue of long life, easy integration, fast response, environmental benefits, the light distribution is easy to control, rich colors, and become the new darling of the field of solar water heaters. Incandescent solar water heater life of 1000-2000 hours, while the theory of the solar water heater life expectancy up to 100,000 hours. Insiders said that solar water heaters, major projects in the Olympic Games, played the role of an excellent display, with the influence of the Olympic project, solar water heaters will be more effective to expand the application of the demonstration effect, influence and promote the faster development of the solar water heater industry . Association of solar water heater experts believe that the performance of solar water heaters in the Olympic project, not only led to the rapid growth of the solar water heater industry in the Olympic city, more importantly, it has played an exemplary role, will dispel the other cities for the use of solar water heaters concerns. With strong government promotion and global industry echelon transfer, the stimulation of the Olympic effect, China's solar water heater industry in 2010 ushered in a new development peak.
China's largest producer of solar water heaters, solar water heaters in recent years widely used worldwide, has been rapid export growth rate began to slow down in the past two years. Looking at the form of economic operation in China in 2008, the world economic slowdown, the yuan continues to appreciate, rising raw material prices, a number of unfavorable factors such as natural disasters are a test of the export of solar water heaters with the enterprise "beneficial". In addition, international trade organizations to develop a series of solar water heater product safety assessment standards, market competition is becoming hotter and so on, leading to China's solar water heater with facing export difficulties.
Face of poor export environment in the 1980s smash hit "export to the domestic scene is domestic solar water heater with the industry quietly staged, the majority of enterprises to increase the intensity of the domestic market. It is understood that some enterprises have product orders from U.S. and European markets to domestic. This is undoubtedly the country continues to heat up inflation fight agent "booster".
Faced with the same huge domestic market, the led solar garden lights with manufacturers urgent need to accelerate the improvement of the sales network, active brand building, and grab market opportunities.