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electric auxiliary heater will not take too much power than ordinary electric water heater
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Electric Heating. This product is the same for the north, and winter. The outdoor temperature is below 0 degrees, in order to ensure the water does not freeze up and down pipes and overflow pipes, you need to carry out the heat. Electricity will increase tropical wrapped around the outside of the tube to be heated, and then intermittent power in order to achieve the purpose of warming. Power plus the power of the tropical high, about 25W / M, but only below 0 degrees when the need to open, so power consumption is not a lot. Again, similar to electric auxiliary solar powered led lights, if long-term cold, electricity costs make ends meet, or the whole disabled as well.

4, the booster pump
This thing can be divided into two uses, one is mounted on the on the water, for lack of water pressure for the water storage tank replenishment; another is mounted on the outlet line, to ensure normal water and water. This usage of the so-called two different, pump itself is not very different. Supply water booster pump water pressure conditions are generally good, in general less common, while the outlet pipe of the booster pump on the relatively more The vast majority of all fell into the water heater users (pressure type water heaters, water pipes to ensure that pressure, you should not need, but did not make any specific investigation, can only be estimated.) According to some manufacturers say about 20% of the users will select the installation.
Installation of the users are generally two situations: the top-level households, water at the smaller pitcher gap, the minimum may be less than 1.5m, think the water is not happy, so the installation of booster pumps. There is the water heater load on the balcony or platform 0 gap, must be installed. In the former case, can ask the manufacturers try to install the water heater, if you think the water speed to meet the requirements, it is not installed.
Water heater manufacturers usually provide such products to choose from, the price is about 500. Market sales, relatively inexpensive, will be able to get below 400, if the men are interested in their own hands, building their own small home, you can also buy their own installation very simple. As long as the pre-designed pipelines and power supply circuit it.
The following purchase booster pump, do not need to install or select manufacturers can skip.
Buy their own need to pay attention to:
First of all manufacturers products, for most people, it is not mechanical and electrical experts, knowledge naturally limited, it is impossible to know the product quality is understood in this industry very thorough, so choose a large product is relatively simple approach;
Second, the booster pump is usually installed in the room - the bathroom, so consider running noise, select the Mute products. To actually listen before you buy, pay attention to in the store listening results and practical applications in the home may be worse; Select Outdoor not, but to PULL the difficulties, and secondly, the price will be much higher;
Third, the operating temperature. What water heater, the maximum temperature may want to 80 degrees, so be sure to choose the products of hot water, at least 110 degrees; of course, the kind that can carry 300 products do not need are specialty industrial products, giant of your incomparable;
Fourth, the performance. Head and supply quantities. The head is actually a water supply pressure, these two indicators is interrelated, less water pressure, and general data are maximums, to buy time to say hello. Water supply pressure is sufficient to 3kg (about 0.3Mp or 3Bar,), shower, then rated supply quantity 8 liters / minute is enough, if the tub, then the bigger the better, of course, the good are money and power in return. Booster pump power 70 ~ 100w, due to intermittent operation, consuming a few.
Fifth, the type of motor, which in fact means that said only, not made a field survey, just some simple theory is introduced, it is estimated that there will be no problem. Booster pump motor, different types decided to start speed, AC induction motor starts slow, is better than a few seconds to reach the rated speed and torque, if frequent switching hot water, there may be some inconvenience; DC motor (for or 220v mains power, of course, but from the structure is a DC), instantaneous reach the rated speed, to ensure the water supply reaction speed. I guess, in accordance with the application requirements, the induction motor should not be used in this mini-pressurization equipment, so you can rest assured.

This device is usually fully automatic, when the water will automatically sensing solar heating water pressure changes, and start automatically once the shutdown valves will automatically shut down, power and protect the motor and pump.

5, thermostatic mixers
Mentioned earlier, thermostatic mixers, this is good stuff, but I have not used, but also about Tell me. Thermal deformation of the application of the (metal) material principle, sensitive to cold, hot water temperature to automatically adjust the flow size, to ensure that the final effluent temperature to a constant value.
Used in pressurized water heater on the most suitable, in front of said pressurized water heaters, water temperature is changing.
The market price of this stuff is very high, the level usually should thousands, 2,3 thousand is not unusual. Platt factory (that cattle brand) is also supporting the sale of this stuff has done a very fine, and beautiful see dismantling photos, materials and assembly are very good. If you use the products of this factory, and may wish to take a look at.