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ground source heat pump technology a long way to go
2012-08-03 by seoer2

China's building energy efficiency through the fifteen years in the past fifteen years, building energy efficiency achievements year by year, building energy efficiency, and can not be achieved overnight and requires a long process, in this process, we need to work together efforts. "12th Five-Year" energy-saving emission reduction planning are being developed, the National Energy Research Institute experts Jiang says, and well-known energy expert Zhou Dadi recommendations: "The 12th Five-Year" period and then set the energy saving target of 20% before 2030, as soon as possible to complete the carbon reduction row of the target. "
    Countries increasingly stringent requirements, a means of building energy efficiency applied to the growing people's attention, during the "12th Five-Year", an important technology as a building energy-efficient ground source heat pump will be to promote building energy efficiency, ground source heat pump technology will usher in a period of rapid development. Building energy-saving application of ground source heat pump technology will become the trend of the times, but some problems still exist in situ source heat pump technology, to really make good use of ground source solar powered indoor lights pump a long way to go.
    First, the standard to be introduced. Of standards is the basis for the development of technology, ground source heat pump heating and air conditioning system is divided into three parts: the outdoor ground heat exchanger system, water source heat pump unit and the indoor heating and air conditioning end of the system, involving the construction, machinery, electricity, water, energy and other fields and disciplines, the urgent need of standard docking and unity. It is understood that the current implementation of the standards is only the 2005 establishment of the national standards of the 2009 revision of national standards, ground source heat pump systems engineering technical specifications and equipment, water source heat pump unit, "a few serious lag in the industry.
    Second, the Government should be strongly supported. Ground source heat pump project is a systems engineering, hydrogeological investigation, in the implementation process usually requires the coordination of the different departments of the municipal administration of the city, groundwater environmental protection departments, mechanical, electrical, building environment and equipment, etc., so an urgent need for the construction of the heat pump system and Run a unified planning and management. And government subsidies, incentives, funds management system is not perfect, ground source heat pump project construction and operation of supervision is not strict, the projects increase in risk, the formation of the more rewards the more energy-efficient cycle.
    Third, the market to be standardized. Overall, the market is not standardized, the lack of market access system and scientific evaluation system is the most important factor restricting the promotion of our ground source heat pump technology. The expense of quality, the vicious competition in the growing trend. At the same time, the risk of thermal interference between adjacent ground source heat pump project should attach great importance to.
    Fourth, the industry to be mature. Ground source heat pump technology originated in Europe in the 1990s China began the introduction of ground source heat pump in China is still in an emerging industry, heat pump technology in our country are quite mature, but the industry level of maturity is not high and varied martial art and non-standard common problems.
    Ground source heat pump technology in the course of the unreasonable, may also cause side effects, a Software Park has considered using water as the heat source, ground source heat pump heating and cooling, refrigeration Express reporter has learned, but later found that the local is a clay nature. groundwater extraction up can not recharge, use of ground source heat pump technology will likely bring a series of ecological problems. Ground source heat pump as an important technology of solar air conditioning system energy efficiency, in the "12th Five-Year" period, the state ground source heat pump industry will continue to give strong support to the development of ground source heat pump industry into the fast lane.