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Perennial to do with the water heater power users
2012-08-30 by seoer2

should always check the water heater is normal, abnormal situation should be promptly sent to the maintenance point of repair. Use water heater under normal circumstances, the replacement of a thermostat and heater to the designated repair point every three years.

    Liner every six months to clean once the cleaning method is to first cut off the solar air conditioning  and close the inlet valve, and then open the outlet valve, safety valve on the drain switch is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, natural water and sediment within the row of net water heater then tap water after cleaning is completed, then drain switch recovery in situ, note filled with water before electricity.

    3. Showers out of water reduced to promptly clean up the debris clogging to ensure smooth export, to help extend the service life of the water heater. Instantaneous electric water heaters, incorrect installation and use of the product, the product does not work properly, so that consumers misunderstand the quality of the product itself, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following four issues:

    1) without mixing valve. Instantaneous electric water heaters do not need to use the mixing valve, because the mixing valve If you hit the middle there will be cold, hot water hybrid outflow, when the hot water flow become smaller, cause water heater temperature is too high, over temperature (thermostat action appears), the change will occur the phenomenon of hot and cold water, staff should inform the customer using the mixing valve, direct boot to the hot water side, without mixing in cold water, so that it will make the product last longer and difficult to scale.

    2) control the water flow. Manufacturers must use to install the water heater equipped with dedicated shower, under normal operating conditions, the water heater can regulate the water flow or enhance water temperature plus high position and general user did not control the the taps flow of habit, resulting in water temperature up to less than the predetermined effect

    3) Install the filter. Instant water heater must be installed in the inlet filter, due to a small amount of debris in the tap water, so as not to get stuck floating magnetic (dry heat) or plug the shower (the water is getting smaller and smaller ) If the filter is clogged, will flow decreased effluent smaller, the floating magnetic does not operate water heater can not be heated. use for some time to remove the filter for cleaning, you can use.

    4) check the "magnetic floating" position. When the water heater is installed, the staff must solar heating water to check the "floating magnetic" is in the lower end, it is a free active to ensure the normal use of the water heater. Because the the floating magnetic is hydropower linkage switch open automatic heating of the valve, turn off the water to stop the heating, if any debris stuck floating magnetic water heater appears dry or unheated phenomenon, cleared debris floating magnet in order to work properly.