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to choose the right solar water heater
2012-08-30 by seoer2

 A look at the glass vacuum tube condenser heating effect. The concentrating collector capacity strengths and weaknesses is an important symbol to measure the performance advantages and disadvantages of the water heater. Vacuum tube solar collector "heart", it will light energy into heat energy, so that the water in the tank to heat up, the vacuum tube heat gain much of the same external conditions, a direct impact on the level of the water temperature. Currently on the market there are two vacuum tubes, a traditional gradient membrane technology manufacturing; another leading international interference film patented technology manufactured with high temperature, anti-cold, more efficient "three high vacuum tube, the latter is the former alternative, it will heat gain, completely solve the problem of traditional vacuum tube in insufficient light rainy days the water temperature is not high, tube solar water heater energy does not work well in the winter the temperature is too low.

    The second depends on the water tank. The the tank except glass vacuum tube solar water heater, the most important part to understand before the purchase of solar water heaters, water tank liner material, to observe the effect of vacuum tube inserted into the tank after a closed to prevent water seepage from happening, another to pay special attention to insulation the thickness of the layer, which is directly related to the insulating effect of the water tank. Strong into solar energy products tank SUS304-2B imported food grade stainless steel material.

    Three depends bracket. Different brands, different styles, houses the roof is a flat-topped ridge top, the stent is divided into a flat-top style and roof type. The role of the bracket is to carry water tank and fixed collector, so the only requirements for the stent pressure capability requirements, usually the bracket steel of thickness about 2mm, steel thicker the ability to support the non pressure solar water heater.

    Four depending on the brand and after-sales service. Host of solar water heaters in the outdoor, exposed to the elements all year round, so they need professionals repair, maintenance. As the solar water heater market is chaotic, flooding the market, the more neither quality assurance, nor after-sales service of the product, if the friends of farmers to buy this product, no doubt in spending money to give yourself the trouble, so the purchase of solar water heaters in Do not blindly freeloaders, it is best to purchase selected brands of home appliances to the countryside products, so the quality can be guaranteed, and state subsidies.