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International centrifugal sewage heat exchanger characteristics
2013-01-06 by seoer2
Renold free washable centrifugal sewage heat exchanger, is currently the most widely used international sewage utilization equipment, a good solution to the untreated dirty and contains a large suspended solids, particles or objects media cause clogging of the heat exchanger , while avoiding the time-consuming and labor-intensive cleaning work, and the full application of to make untreated municipal or industrial wastewater in low-grade heat.
chinese solar water heater????Renold free washable centrifugal sewage heat exchanger structure is not complicated, the heat exchanger inside the housing has a double spiral flow channel, double spiral flow channel on the next port entrance and the the intermediary water outlet and intermediate water connectivity, dual layer spiral flow channel for the intermediary Passage bilayer the outer peripheral edge of the spiral flow channel with the inner wall of the housing is fixedly connected, double spiral flow channel the inner peripheral edge of the tubular body of the outer wall is fixedly connected, the double spiral flow channel adjacent the outer wall of the a cavity formed between the effluent flow channel, the sewage flow channel on the upper and lower ends respectively with sewage inlet and waste water outlet communicated; urban sewage or industrial waste water from the top of the heat exchanger into the spiral downstream along the effluent flow channel, under the effect of centrifugal force, the sewage is rotated inside the casing to the bottom of waste water outlet; the intermediary water from the bottom of the heat exchanger into the reverse run along the helical cavity from the bottom up, by the outflow of the top intermediate water outlet, complete heat exchanger .
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