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solar thermal power generation a new way to embrace the sun
2013-01-11 by seoer2

Solar thermal power is taken mainly solar thermal concentration of technology, use of a mirror to focus sunlight to generate heat, and then using the heat to generate steam, and then use the steam to drive a generator to generate electricity.pressurized solar water heat

Over the years, the power industry has been subject to light and heat to generate electricity for a choice of using solar energy. However, the solar thermal power generation needs to invest a lot of money in the pre-construction, and only in reach the scale of one million watts of electricity, the cost advantage to be highlighted. Relatively speaking, the electricity output of the solar panels, although only a few kilowatts, but simple, which explains why the photovoltaic power generation will occupy the dominant position of the solar market. In recent years, with the further development of solar thermal power generation technology and national emission reduction targets established, the comparative advantages of solar thermal power generation to regain the attention of the parties. Generally speaking, the construction of solar thermal power plants are required to devote money upfront, but after minimal running costs, because the raw power is completely free sunlight. Once the formation of scale, the cost of building solar thermal power generation will further smoothing. Solar thermal power technology is the use of the same steam-powered generators fossil fuel power plants, no stranger to further breakthroughs in space technology. In fact, light thermal power plants are constantly introduce new technical means, and further reduce operating costs.

In addition, compared to the large fluctuations of photovoltaic power generation, solar thermal power generation stability superior. The one hand, due to the thermal inertia of the heat, even dark clouds covered the sun, the light thermal power plants still can take advantage of the thermal power generation before the gathering. On the other hand, the development of the molten salt storage thermal technologies makes light thermal power plant at night can also be run as usual. Solar thermal stability of the power generation, people of all ages.

Mitigation actions and the development of renewable energy requirements to further promote the rehabilitation and development of solar thermal power generation. In fact, countries have introduced a preferential tax policies for the thermal power of the sun, which makes further rising of the enthusiasm of the parties to the investment in solar thermal power generation. It is estimated that in the next five years, the amount of solar thermal power generation will surge 18-fold growth to about 10,000 MW from the current annual production of 580 million watts. Generally speaking, the 100 million watts will be able to meet the electricity needs of 80,000 households.
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