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Room air conditioning installation and commissioning operation
2013-01-13 by seoer2

First, the site preparation

    1, the device out of the box to check whether the equipment specifications, models and spare parts brought in line with the contract packing list, whether the appearance of the equipment with internal completely lossless.solar vacuum tube

    2, air-cooled type air conditioner indoor unit and outdoor unit at the factory filled with 0.2-0.5MPa nitrogen should first check as soon as the device out of the box, such as abnormal conditions should promptly contact the manufacturer, if no problems can be carried out place to work.

    3, for good insulation, moisture barrier effect, the window surface should be sealed or at least double-glazed, polyethylene film smallpox and board stickers the ethyl wallpaper or painted plastic-based paint in order to avoid the wet air into the room.

    4, less engine room may be appropriate to inject fresh air, generally 5% of the amount of circulating air, in order to prevent the gray tip through the gap into the fresh air, the room should be to maintain a positive pressure, and enters the heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification The load should consider the the intake total load requirements.

    5, in order to reduce the resistance of the air distribution and want to do a good job for all cables and pipes of room for any part of the channel blockage, carefully placed, all cables and pipes under the anti-static flooring should be placed horizontally, parallel as possible with air channel.

    6, on Air-conditioning machine is best set in a separate room, in order to ensure adequate return air flow, must allow sufficient air supply and return air opening area, and pay attention to the air supply direction to follow the direction of air flow fed into the air-conditioned room.
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