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An energy efficient water heater energy efficiency level
2012-05-27 by seoer2

Stylish and compact, fast water, energy efficient water heater is increasingly favored by consumers. It is understood that with the improvement of the environment of electricity. Technology of all brands of heating, hot water heater energy efficiency neat missing. To this end, the industry called for: as soon as possible to develop energy efficiency specifications, so that consumers can have an energy-efficient scale in the purchase of the thermal products.

Water heater seems to have become a new force of the domestic solar water heater  market, nearly two years. Industry begun to take shape. Experts predict that: the next 3-5 years will usher in a growth spurt.

Water heater is exotic, industry insiders told reporters. Europe and the United States and other developed countries, its market share in the electric water heaters up to 80%. 2000 is the China that is, water heater, the first year, after 10 years of localization, characteristics of the transformation, the water heater to overcome the Chinese dessert of a perfect fit with the average consumer's spending habits and habits.

Compared with storage water heaters, it was introduced. Speed ??thermal electric water heaters use a power high, but because they are not ahead of warm-up, so there is no preheat thermal energy loss. Open, not closed, how much water to put how much water, so too does the consumption of storage water heaters heat more than water, truly the power-saving water-saving. As the industry leader in brand research and development investments from time to time to increase the hot water heater product reliability, service life and energy efficiency levels have been further enhanced.

To address the lack of both metallic and non-metallic heating technology, it is understood. 2009, Blantyre race Teng heating technology R & D victory will be difficult mechanical casting and electric heating technology perfect combination, broke through the home water heater leaks, leakage, scaling, and short service life and other bottlenecks, maximize core body heat life, the outer surface of the aluminum alloy die-casting, thermal efficiency of 98% or more, almost no loss. In addition, Secretary Knox announced the launch of a new generation of energy-efficient products in 2009, the thermal efficiency of up to 96.79% a thermal efficiency of 99.54% ion heating technology new will be listed on the near future.

The dealer said that at the same time. Now many consumers to buy electric water heaters tend to energy-saving products, storage-type water heaters and gas water heaters have energy efficiency labeling, but the water heater has not this "identity" so sometimes worn more than taking, consumer those who do not believe such a powerful product is also energy efficient

The new brand increased, the reporter learned that with the home solar water heater industry in recent years of rapid development. The fragmented nature of the competitive situation in a multi-technical school in the market. All brands of heating technology is not the same energy efficiency neat missing some of the water heater thermal efficiency of only 82% thermostat speed close to four seconds, slow for 90 seconds. Lack of relevant norms, some products are still energy efficiency indicators fraud.

Energy efficiency regulations have been implemented in the country for five years, Chen Gang pointed out that the deputy secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association. The coverage area is further expanded, in 2010, the number of energy efficiency norms will be over 40. Storage-type water heaters and gas water heater energy efficiency specifications have been implemented a few years, energy saving effect is significant from a statistical point of view, the overall upgrade of the industry technical standards, water heater energy efficiency specification and implementation is imperative.