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dual-mode electric water heater
2012-06-06 by seoer2

The dual-mode electric solar hot water heaters  do not have this terminology in a foreign country, there was no similar product, this is a general concept (analysis of the justification for the history and characteristics of the product from abroad eight brands). The concept of dual-mode electric water heater from the country is no doubt that the background to create this concept: to combine the characteristics of the fast electric water heaters with the characteristics of traditional storage water heaters to design a new generation of electric water heaters . In other words, it has a water storage functions with the open that is, with the characteristics. Comprehensive assessment of practical ability, its price is much higher than the above two types of products, and its versatility is unmatched by the above two types of products. Types of play on the market dual-mode electric water heaters less than 15 species, including also "play" dual-mode concept, in our part of the production joint venture brands for real consumers, in the end what kind of electric water heater with universal the practicality of it, the following analysis.
    First, the thermal storage type electric water heaters use defect
    Energy consumption standards formulated by the state to measure the current thermal storage type electric water heaters clearly understand that it is a kind of low efficiency products, countries strictly control the real quality of its products reflect this. In actual use, it is assumed that its volume of 50L, when the water (or ambient temperature) at 4 ° C, to the whole bucket of water preheated to 75 ° C, 1.5KW electric water heater components match, the preparation time of at least takes 164 minutes. When the switch 2.5KW electric components, it also requires at least the more than 98 minutes, and the volume of water storage water temperature is the actual heating process, it does not form a real constant temperature field, that is, a continuous real usage will not meet the design volume indicators. In addition, the thermostat of such products in addition to using external components, such as (temperature valve, thermostatic valve) to the frequent operation, hardly any other practical means and methods. Continuous use is almost impossible, such as the above-mentioned types of electric water heaters in the winter shower process, when one is completed, another person would like to closely follow the use, at least more than one hours time, so the effect, developed in Europe and the United States advanced countries have long abandoned, electric water heater market in China of these products also account for a great share, this reflects the gap between their actual quality of life capacity and Ideas As for its other bulky residual water ( also known as stagnant water) serious secondary sexual content is no longer in this assessment.
    Practical popularity of the bottleneck of two thermal electric water heater
    Thermoelectric water heater, which means that the characteristics to meet the modern fast paced life philosophy, the current penetration of Europe and the United States even more than 85%. But in our market share is less than 6%, types of "brand" carrying the brand of imported technology vigorously split the pie. However, the real well-known international brands and there is no one to account for our market, their reasons include two aspects: First, China's electrical environment does not apply to the popularity of the solar water heaters, namely thermoelectric. For example, when the winter temperature of only 4 ° C, to achieve satisfactory shower conditions flow 4L/min more than the basic requirements of the temperature of 43 ° C, its matching electric power at least more than 9.5KW, so far, the thermal market penetration rates slow the fact that you can think its roots; second, the hot products in their own and put into use before the concept of a wrong to mislead, the so-called smaller and more stylish design, but in fact power smaller volume of water heater components, the greater the area of ??load, the faster the area load, the greater the vaporization deposition rate in the process of the electric heating of water, which is fouling the defect one of the factors in the fast on the electric water heater. Electric film products can slow down this phenomenon, but the low efficiency of its electric can not contend with the electric efficiency of the metal tube, and current technology to measure, such products can not be solidly based on the life and it can not achieve the basic requirements for multi-channel water supply. Fever membrane blocking off easily cause fire, which is important risks in the mission.
    Third, the dual-mode electric water heater correctly understand the definition of
    The so-called dual-mode electric water heater, It is the storage function of the thermal characteristics. GB volume characteristics of more than 15L required two standard certification, which uses fast electric water heater certification standards, and electric storage water heaters certification standards synchronous authentication, which is a standard on the analysis, such as a single product in the alternation of the two conditions, this standard certification?

Truth in advertising of some products on the market only their certification number for verification glance authenticity; the second part of the joint venture are separated by a slightly modified the original thermal storage type electric water heater is the original single-Sump two positions, so that the layered heating, but does not have the thermal features, such enterprises have no sense of shame to the so-called dual-mode concept also boast the enterprise, to mislead the market to mislead the consumer, mislead the new enterprise research and development.
    Electric water heater market with the introduction of higher standards for energy-intensive products, storage water heaters will heat to give way, China's overall electricity consumption environment has not been completely changed, only dual-mode electric water heater only the transition of products for foreign brands to enter their own country, have been explained clearly in front of the real foreign hot style can not be applied to China's environmental characteristics. And abroad and there is no dual-mode electric water heater products to remind consumers to pay special attention to this.