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Solar water heaters use to achieve the best results matching products
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Level and water temperature control device

With the improvement of the quality of people's lives, household items, especially big-ticket durable goods, a higher demand for solar water heaters, suitable for the level of consumption, to meet the domestic market challenges to the foreign markets in the appliance of intelligent efforts. Level and water temperature measurement and control instrument and solar hot water heaters with varying degrees of monitoring and control display level and water temperature, water automatically adjust the temperature.

Float tank

Float tank can maintain the adequacy of the water source to water heater water level is often full, without manual operation, the use of it. Normal tap water supply can be used into the low connection, this way water without replenishment impact, but the hot water use is low, and air drying increases the odds. Higher than the connection in normal tap water supply may be low, this approach can take full advantage of inside the hot water and ensure that no air drying, water speed by up water impact.

Domestic hot water center with multi-source water heater

Force a full use of solar water heaters and more easily with hot water manufacturers to develop the center of the joint from the domestic hot water by solar water heaters and electric water heaters. Water hot center, 365 days a year around the clock hot water, hot water bathing, washing, laundry, washing dishes, washing, car washing, etc. can be used for all household hot water; also has microcomputer intelligent display and control under pressure for several hours power-off water is still hot, as opposed to purely electric water heater 90% saving characteristics. Its intelligent control, a large amount of water, take full advantage of the combination of advantages of solar energy to become a hallmark of civilization of the green water of the new century, is a symbol of lifestyle. Multi-source water heater on the basis of the electric water heaters, the installation of the heat exchanger system, thus making it with solar connections, used in conjunction with the heating, water and heating waste heat can take advantage of solar water heater, another can also be connected with other heat sources. it is almost use the length of all heat sources, and thus has the advantages of energy saving and stable performance, easy to operate. More than two products as solar accessory products, greatly enriched the performance of solar water heaters, also promoted the development of green household hot water civilization.


Yuba can effectively increase the temperature in the bathroom, provide a guarantee for the spring and winter bathing in the autumn of ambient temperature, continuous and attentive service has been recognized by consumers. It also can be used for a small room in winter for heating indoor ventilation, summer can also be exclusive of natural wind drying dry hair to add a convenient and comfortable for your life. Yuba in when heating with a timer, computer timer command automatically shut down. It also has a delay function and long-distance remote control, when used as long as the touch of a remote control, thermostat, exhaust, timing, shutdown can be chosen at random.

Solar emptying valve

Solar drain valve can be up and down the water pipe emptying of water one-time does not exist, cold water, open the valve on the hot water, at the same time, the winter play a frost, which can effectively extend the service life of water pipes. Also effectively conserve household water, domestic solar water heater  to truly become the family boiled water room ".