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solar water heaters, security issues
2012-06-13 by seoer2

Solar water heaters have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, has broad application prospects. However, because the rainy days of solar powered water heater can not supply hot water, will affect use. In order to ensure all-weather hot water supply, optical complementary solar hot water supply system will transport and.

Problems and Causes

Photoelectric complementary hot water supply system in the form of both monolithic and split. Monolithic optical complementary solar water heater is currently on the market. The split is a combination of solar water heaters and indoor electric water heaters in series. Photoelectric complementary hot water supply systems in use there are many security risks.

The frequent occurrence of an electric shock accident caused by the ground charged due to the use of electric water heaters, the reason is: the installation of electric water heaters, building grounding system is not good, or even lack, such as decoration pick the wrong line, aging line pull private The wires, switches and sockets of the use of poor quality, with a hose when the ground line, these are likely to lead to ground charged, giving rise to electric shock. Solar Energy Industry Association

Not securely installed, because the electric water heater mounting is not strong fall, the user Zacheng serious injury accidents have occurred. Not securely installed, because the fixed bolts and wall connection is not solid, or a wall of low intensity, can not be fixed bolts. Solar Energy Industry Association

The next line outdoor deposition risk factors for multi-mostly households after the arrival of the installed solar hot water heaters, solar water heaters, water pipes and wires are next located at the outer wall, to be exact is suspended on the wall outside. This installation the following problems: the effect of pipe insulation, easy to freeze in winter to plug the pipeline, or even cause pipeline Donglie melted neighbors indoor water seepage; wire subjected to wind and rain, easy to aging leakage; because there was no reliable fixed measures easily be caused by the wind off the charged side floor cause electric shock.

Security Design focus solar industry alliance

The housing is a human living, the living space and features buildings. In the development of housing commercialization, fine decorated apartments, as the final product sales to households, will be the development trend of domestic goods. Residential system functions at the design stage should be to coordinate the same layout design and reserved, especially the interface of the design of personal safety and the safe use of gas, appliance interfaces and equipment installation interface. Residential hot water supply system at the design stage should be a systematic way to select. Choose to use the photoelectric complementary hot water supply system, installation, wiring and system problems such as safety design.

Optical complementary mode to select the Solar Energy Industry Association

From a multi-disciplinary aspects of the design point of view of residential construction and equipment service life, energy saving, economic angle, that the split optical complementary pattern than the overall style has the advantage of the following aspects: China Solar Energy Industry Association

Reduce the cable length due to the electric water heater installed in a bathroom or kitchen, cable is directly connected with the electric water heater, solar water heater is not connected, so compared with the overall photoelectric complementary solar water heater, with a short cable prominent advantages.

Piping heat loss of the general solar water heaters are installed on the roof. When the rainy days to start the electric water heater to supplement heat, the overall optical complementary solar water heater water in the roof heating and then flow back into the indoor use, will increase the pipeline along the heat loss is not conducive to building energy efficiency. For top water solar water heater, water pressure, hour, electric heating, hot water because the water pressure is not enough can not be used. Resulting in energy waste and heat loss. The above problems, there is no split photoelectric complementary hot water system.

Equipment and long service life of optical complementary solar water heater is electric heating water heaters and solar collectors into one assembly mode, the electric water heater to a solar water heater as the solar storage tank. We all know, an integral component of a device is more, the greater the probability of equipment failure. Electric water heater, some devices are wearing parts, life is only a year, therefore, optical complementary solar water heater life than ordinary solar water heater is short. Complementary mode of use electric water heaters + solar water heaters in series, long life and easy maintenance.

The high reliability of optical complementary solar water heater pipe is the "bottleneck" of the entire system when the pipe is frozen block, and the cracking type, will result in the failure of the hot water system. Split optical complementary water heater is a group in the series by electric water heaters and solar hot water supply system, between the two devices are independent, they are complementary. When one device fails, another device can work independently, so both complement each other, and spare. System reliability is higher than the monolithic.