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Identify the pros and cons of solar water heater product quality
2012-06-15 by seoer2

How to identify the pros and cons of solar water heater product quality? Under normal circumstances, equipment testing, to see whether it meets the national standard. If the only experience to identify, will have to pay attention to the following aspects:
One must be aware of when buying a product, water heaters, pressure test and leak check the collectors, pipe joints and plate core before leaving the factory, but also considering the type of product, materials, and consumer requirements. selection of the products of different prices according to their own economic conditions, according to the number of family members to select a different volume of solar pool heater, the North should take into account the freezing problem, high-rise hotels must consider the ability to weather.
Second, to understand the technical performance, the average daily efficiency and the average heat loss coefficient. Many people have a misconception that the higher the temperature within the tank the better the thermal performance. In fact high and low temperature can not explain the product is good or bad. Water temperature and sunlight intensity, duration of sunshine, water capacity, area lighting, water, initial temperature of both relations, the most scientific way to look at the thermal efficiency and solar water heat loss coefficient. The average daily efficiency of the vacuum tube hot water pipes should be greater than 40%, the heat loss coefficient is less than 2 ° C / m 2.
Third, to understand the materials used in products. Regular manufacturers prefer to use 0.6 mm thick sheet liner, and some small factories in order to save costs, more choice of 0.3-0.4 mm plate, made by the artificial soldering, the product life greatly reduced. The tank be placed outside all year round, the insulation effect depends entirely on the type of insulation material and thickness, and density, high-quality products, insulation materials to most of the selected polyurethane, thickness of 4-5 centimeters, the northeast cold areas required thickness of 6 cm. Most of the regular factory ginning aluminum oxide, alumina board, import color board a tank shell, use of consumers and many small factories are not familiar with the performance of the alumina plates and color plates imported, most of the ordinary stainless steel, the quality is difficult to guarantee.