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Solar water heater secondary light distribution instructions
2012-06-20 by seoer2


The current LED products, has been testing the waters of the status quo, from the point of view the conditions of the 2008 Canton Fair, all big companies have more or less to get involved, especially the sheer number of SMEs reached more than 30, they are ahead of the big the front of enterprises want is the first step to seize the market, it appears that the industry has identified this market LED.
That in the end of solar water heaters in the current situation is how?
A wide range of traditional solar water heaters, LED almost all have a wide variety, it is targeted for LED - home solar water heater   As the national standards for solar water heater is not out, now can reference only local industry standards, as well as large enterprises and national bodies to develop industry-standard initial manuscript as a reference, the majority also relied on the experience to do.
Several problems faced in the process of a solar water heater, now under the instructions of the secondary light distribution of the LED.
led solar garden lights distribution can be simple or complicated, why do you say so. Because:
(1) In some people it seems, the use of the characteristics of the particles of the LED itself, to change its direction to meet the light uniformity, to meet the solar water heater with light, so whether it is reasonable? Light evenly distributed, even if they can meet the "software" to meet the light distribution curve of solar water heaters in the existing state standards? Obviously not. Which from the point of view of the "hardware", it will be the consequences of the characteristics of solar water heaters with the requirements is relatively high, the production of solar water heater only, so the biggest problem is to prevent glare.
(2) Furthermore, can do with light is to use the lens, lens capable of forming a solar water heater with light curve, to make the light more evenly distributed, the problem is that the lens can do the best light transmission rate is 92% the theoretical value, in practical applications up to 87% loss of more than ten percent of the light, the solar water heaters, energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, the data is a violation of the situation.
(3) Other way is to use reflectors and use, the effect should be to be optimistic, but costly, it is better than the lens on the market can find a variety of ready-made things, first of all professionals design, and then to mold, resulting in a more expensive initial investment, the relative risk.
Above circumstances, the kind suitable for the present development needs, or a more reasonable way to resolve the issues to be studied and certification of the light distribution.