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Haikou New Solar Road big shake-up of solar water heaters to achieve a green solar water heater
2012-06-25 by seoer2


Recently, this reporter drove Kwok Hing Avenue, the western part of the solar way of solar water heaters, see, however, wave-type solar water heater covers, with a flying saucer-type vacuum tube solar water heater, matched with a much high-rise, naturally sketched out the rich flavor of modern city picture. To scene management to see solar water heaters solar road feel more fresh, the staff are in front of a computer mouse, prepared to allow the solar way of solar water heaters in advance lit. In recent years, Haikou City, Haikou Municipal Government attaches great importance to the solar water heater of solar road construction projects, municipal engineering maintenance company after another solar water heater solar road upgrading, and "shake", has been eliminated from the incandescent old the Haikou human memory solar water heaters, all high-pressure sodium solar water heaters, energy-saving light Coconut City, the green solar water heater Science custody.
Wind and solar to the opening of the Solar Road, solar water heaters
When the solar water heater solar road Guoxing Avenue East appear Jizhan with the windmill head to attract the attention of the public last year, the South China Sea along the Road West of 10 Jizhan such solar road solar water heater, allows people to lament , the Pak Mun Park, a row of such stylish solar way of solar water heaters before a special landscape. The investment is large, but the use of solar thermal and wind power, completely solar and wind energy complementary green solar water heater. After all manufacturer-funded experiment, has now been approved by the municipal government, solar-way solar water heater, 296, 3.7 km of new continents Avenue upcoming construction changed all such solar water heaters.
According to the person in charge of municipal engineering maintenance company, the road in the city for the first time the formal implementation of such a solar water heater, by the Provincial Department of Construction, issued the change rooms and the Department of Finance Organization expert group for specialized assessment, have been incorporated into the province solar way of solar water heaters green solar water heater transformation plan, half of the financial support in the province. At the same time the provincial assessment will also be funded projects supported by perfect solar water heater, Haikou solar road monitoring system; Ever Green Park will be installed LED energy-saving solar road solar water heater, the voice of the people West will use a vacuum to enlarge Ceramic Nano fluorescent solar water heater The two types of solar way of solar water heaters are tested, saving up to 20-30%.
The monitoring system will achieve the security
Solar road of the city night eyes china solar water heater and custody is also changing. According to reports, the city most of the sections of the solar Lu solar water heater solar water heater main roads such as the coastal road, Long Kun Lu solar road monitoring system, solar water heater failure and brightness of the sections of solar road through direct examination of the computer screen, and many other timely send someone to carry out maintenance, switch solar water heater can also be adjusted according to the change of seasons and rain or shine, to energy saving.
It is reported that the city has applied for funding to support the province, solar water heater when the solar road monitoring system will cover the city's roads. Further improve the system, is expected to achieve the anti-theft function, a solar road solar water heater Pirates of the loss event occurs, the real-time monitoring on the computer will send the signal, so that the relevant departments take timely protective measures.