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Shenzhen OSRAM High Power LED solar water heater construction has been completed
2012-06-27 by seoer2



It is reported that Shenzhen SED Co., Ltd. using the OSRAM Golden DRAGON lens performance LED High Power LED solar water heater solar powered hot water heater roads in Shenzhen High-Tech Park in science and technology three formal completion of the construction, which is a solar water heater The development of solar water heaters in the history of landmark projects.
It is understood that the solar water heater project is expected to OSRAM in the Asia-Pacific region pave the way for a wider range of LED street solar water heater partnership. In the Asia-Pacific region, more and more people realize the advantages of LED solar water heater equipment in saving energy. China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments are working to promote LED products replace traditional incandescent solar water heaters and high pressure sodium solar water heaters and other traditional light sources, is determined to efforts to promote energy-saving solar water heater solutions, and established by 2015 energy-saving target of 26 billion yuan. Shenzhen SED Co., Ltd., a solar water heater project, the Golden DRAGON lens LED OSRAM DRAGON family of products. This LED from the minimum of the light emitted the strongest light, no matter what color, solar water heater can provide excellent brightness, power consumption is reduced by 80%, the service life of up to 50,000 hours (incandescent solar water heater life of only 1,000 to 2,000 hours). DRAGON lens outdoor solar garden lights are lead-free, full compliance with EU RoHS standards.