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Solar water heater drive power will be gradually to the standard modular
2012-06-29 by seoer2


Any one technology, especially in the emerging development of the road are all over the dispute. Need to continue to improve, or even overthrow, and then modified, and finally to mature. Solar water heater drive power market and the downstream industry, in particular, is closely related to the development of high-power evacuated tube solar hot water, but with the continuous improvement of the performance parameters of solar water heaters, solar water heater solar water heater market is gradually emerging, a more extensive field of applications, especially in 2011 at the same time, industry eyes shift from outdoor to indoor commercial solar water heater applications, the drive power of the solar water heater has different needs.

Reduce the power failure to strengthen the interaction between the various fields of industry

Yan Jin, deputy general manager of Meanwell Power has said that a product can be recognized by the market, is not achieved through a marketing trick or gorgeous vocabulary, the true test of the reliability of this product.

Solar water heater lamp failure, although most occur in the power supply, but it does not blindly blame the power companies. This also shows that the reliability of the solar water heater power supply is also closely related to its applications.

Solar water heater experts Xulian City had indicated that a power failure is the result of more than one factor, many of which are caused by the unreasonable design of the lighting business. To effectively reduce the power failure, you also need the power companies and lighting companies to improve their interaction.

Wallace Dayton semiconductor solar water heater R & D Director Zhongshao Jiang also considers that the solar water heater power industry needs in various fields who gathered together to solve the existing problems. His point of view, Wallace Dayton business philosophy is consistent: focus on the competitors pay more attention to the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

The Internet age, we have witnessed the influence of the dialogue and interaction, is truly a perfect and reliable power supply products does not need to take full advantage of the interaction in various fields to bring the power of shares should not be overlooked, so the government, businesses and agencies is frequent dialogue and emphasis on product research and development and innovation in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the solar water heater power supply industry.

Next, the application of solar water heater products will be gradually led from the engineering change led civil solar water heater, solar water heater applications will be gradually broken down. Although known as the life of a single solar water heater say up to 100,000 hours of blasting, but the drive power of the solar water heater does not yet keep up with the actual life of the solar water heater. According to the focus on dimming technology of Taiwan Donglin Group (HEP), chairman of Hong Dasheng explained that the drive power of the solar water heater there are dozens of components, and every little part as long as the problem will affect the drive electrical appliances as a whole, and thus affect the entire lamp life. For now, the drive power life of some of the better solar water heater can reach 20,000 to 30,000 hours, HEP has been able to achieve, and is currently HEP in the experimental phase modulation of the 50,000 hours of solar water heater drive power for extended solar water heater whole lamp life, there must be a mature product in the next three years is expected to launch.

For vacuum tube solar water heater, power enterprises in order to reduce power failure, in addition to adequate interaction with people from various fields of the industry, how to better utilize their own advantages, intensive play a role in the segments, also in 2012 the next worthy of careful planning problems.