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Tianying Group to introduce solar water heaters talents to a billion dollars of solar water heater orders
2012-07-01 by seoer2

Attacking the "12th Five-Year" 1000 City ten thousand opportunities of cross-strait cooperation, land owned Tianying Group to introduce solar water heat has the world patent and technical personnel, R & D and manufacturing of solar water heaters more than 30,000 street lamp orders of Heilongjiang, Jilin, and next year will be bright with the city engineering presence. In terms of a selling price of 4,500 yuan calculated value of orders to more than 135 million yuan.

Tianying Group currently has projects in Jilin, Fujian, Jiangsu, Chongqing. The company disclosed that the company engaged in waste incineration, sewage treatment and new energy development, to produce electricity to sell zhongguo grid, which establish a good relationship with local zhengfu. Now branched out into the business of high-end solar water heater industry.

It is understood that the original was Hai'an County, Nantong City, hundred percent of Taiwan-funded enterprises Xin drilling, Green Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tianying sold last year. Originally Xin drilling company five sets of dry full stay, three of them in charge of technology research and development work in the MSC, to drill the main chip technology research and development of the upstream solar water heater by Xin, Tianying is responsible for the downstream packaging and sales.

The Xin drilling solar air conditioning system products are waiting for the mainland qualification, is about to start mass production next month. The approval of the MSC County first in the local installation of more than 3,000 lights solar water heater. Xin drilling revealed that the high level of interest of the cause at home and abroad manufacturers of patented technology. Overseas manufacturers such as Panasonic, Nichia, Mitsubishi, Cree, and Samsung; domestic contains the local manufacture of solar water heaters, TV, Konka, TCL, country star power, the Suzhou billion light so is to discuss the next single.