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solar hot water system will be to lead the green building new weather vane
2012-07-03 by seoer2

  But under the new competitive situation, whether evacuated tube solar hot water heating project can take that advantage, the advantage into a winning situation is also of public attention. In the past two years, solar stand-alone sales toward the era of meager profit, so more digging forces to see the enormous market prospects of solar energy projects, many solar companies have started to vigorously into the engineering market development.

    Otherwise the policy is good, "12th Five-Year" period, the country will invest 5 trillion yuan for improving the ecological environment, including the development of green building is expected to leveraging the market size of over one trillion yuan, and effectively drive the new building materials, new energy, green energy saving parts of industrial development.

    Trillion upcoming "green cake" the market reaction? As a building developer of green energy construction and how the expectations? Solar hot water project has occupied a large part of the development of new energy, no exaggeration to say that solar energy and building integration will determine the direction of green building.

    However, according to the survey, although the state to encourage and support the policy efforts of the green energy-saving buildings, broad scope, previously rare, but the actual effect takes time to ferment. Solar energy works "half" exaggerated during?

    Market reaction to the early

    As a professional solar water heating systems product development, production, installation, integration services for the national high-tech enterprises - Beijing to share the Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of Huli Guo said in the interview with this reporter, in recent years situation, the green building market, especially the relatively rapid development of solar cities project, and the previous developers for solar energy projects, mainly in the residential purchase, and now has commercial and industrial areas such as large-scale development. Share the sun solar hot water system has been successfully applied in a wide range of commercial construction projects! "

    Needless to say, a series of national and local policies and regulations have been introduced to the solar energy industry will bring new opportunities, but Huli Guo also said the policy of supporting details have not yet introduced, many developers did not appear larger response. Therefore, he would like to see is that the policy can be refined as soon as possible objects and the way of the issuance of the explicit energy subsidies.

    The solar energy industry to benefit from energy-saving products that benefit the project. According to the subsidy rules recently issued regulations, the amount of subsidies for efficient china solar water heater each 100-550 yuan. Insiders pointed out that the amount of such subsidies have a positive impact for the promotion of solar energy and building integrated, and the decline in the price of solar products to save construction costs, lower the threshold of solar products into the homes and public facilities.

    The purpose of the policy to encourage not just in order to contribute to the development of the brand is more important is to establish a solar building integrated information benchmark, through the exemplary role of these benchmarking, social confidence and building integrated solar, the promotion of solar light and heat system upgrades, building integrated solar technology really make solar building integrated into large-scale public works that benefit the whole community.

    Trillion market accounts for "half"

    May 6, the Ministry of Finance and Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department jointly issued the implementation of views "on the speed up to promote the development of green buildings in China (hereinafter referred to as" the opinions "), raised the country through financial incentives and other means of satellite level green building subsidies, and strive to 2015, new green building area of ??more than one billion square meters, 2020, green buildings account for new construction accounted for more than 30%. This indicates that green buildings in China will enter a period of rapid development.