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Do not buy the fragile solar water heater
2012-07-04 by seoer2

After the storm, the solar powered hot water heater installed on the roof in ruins: some serious distortion of the bracket, hanging in the roof, crumbling; some strong winds were even "root" uprooted and thrown to the ground. Recently, many places have suffered storm attacks, some no-name solar water heater products vulnerable after the storms. To this end, the Consumers Association, Hebei Province Consumer Association jointly issued a consumer warning: should be careful to purchase the fragile solar water heater.
"Bracket, however hard, 'rubbish' products, the main reason for the solar water heater stand up to wind and rain test. Solar water heater to withstand the wind and sun, its bracket must be embalmed in order to ensure safe usage, but many stents treated with preservatives has not done a thorough spray layer and the substrate binding is weak and easy to aging, off, over time, strong winds a scratch bracket is corrosion at the break. "Nieyun Dong, Vice Secretary-General of the provincial associations analysis is that, in accordance with recommended industry standards requirements, bracket plate should be at least 1.5 mm thick, 100 mm wide to be qualified, and some solar water heater manufacturers cut corners, a bracket of 1-1.2 mm thick timber 60 to 70 mm wide, narrow and thin; there hollowed out some of the bracket plate many, commonly known as "material saving hole, the torsional capacity, wind capacity is greatly reduced, the event of stormy weather, these stents is like suffering from rickets, it is easy to fracture.

The installation design is unreasonable is another problem, modeling of a windblown solar support structure is unreasonable, the lack of necessary support and connecting parts. Some do not even have effectively fixed, and simply "put on the roof. Some water heater bracket with a very fine wire a twist even if everything is all right.

At present, China has no mandatory national standards for installation of tube solar water heater on the selection of stents and other installation materials, strength is not mandatory. Consumer before the purchase of solar water heaters, must pay attention to the quality status of the installation material selection, process, generous degree bracket. Have to look at the installation technical staff is professional, the installation design is scientific, and installation services specification, as far as possible choose a fairly standard installation services well-known brand products. Solar water heater industry, many companies did not establish a professional installation team, the installer did not go through rigorous training, such a 'service' can not guarantee the quality of the installation. Some companies just to sell, regardless of repair and maintenance is another a business problem to wait until the solar consumers at her door, on both sides of buck-passing damaged or consumers. "Nieyun Dong said.