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energy-efficient solar energy industry will become the new standard
2012-07-06 by seoer2

National "renewable energy and long-term development plan" put forward, to 2010, the total collector area of ??domestic solar water heater reached 150 million square meters, instead of about 20 million tons of standard coal; 2020, the total collector area of ??300 million square meters, alternative about 50 million tons of standard coal, with a total of more than 300 billion yuan. To realize this energy saving target, must be high quality, energy-efficient products to support.

Become a global focus, while the situation of energy saving, low-carbon economy, low energy consumption, energy-efficient products, more and more consumers. Solar water heaters, energy saving and environmentally friendly products, like home appliances also can effect the level of points. The first to introduce energy-efficient solar energy companies in the industry standard Jiangsu Japanese Leader solar energy company chairman Wang Hui Yujie Shao said, "The energy efficiency of solar water heaters is in the same environment, the amount of hot water heater, you are more energy-efficient products, and vice versa are low energy efficiency, energy efficiency of low solar brands on the market today, mainly just to stay in the level of unilateral heat retaining or endothermic.

The new standard leading industrial upgrading

Currently, China's solar water heater business up to more than 5,000 popular but inefficient solar products in the market. This situation and on the solar energy company as early as six years ago on the establishment of the Solar Energy Research Institute, specifically how to improve the thermal efficiency of solar research, solar energy efficiency is the first concern enterprise in early 2008, after more than five years of research, in The solar thermal industry first proposed and established solar water heaters, energy-efficient systems standards, together with a corresponding energy-efficient solar series products, solar water heater manufacturing technology from the unilateral endothermic or unilateral heat retaining stage, the introduction of new high-tech field system to improve the conversion efficiency of solar thermal, china solar water heater"heat, fast heat conduction, heat retaining" system-wide heat-absorbing insulation, energy efficiency ratio reached a new high-value energy efficiency than the level of standards to judge the merits of solar performance.

Into the era of energy-efficient

The development of solar water heaters in China has gone through two eras, before the 1998 production of vacuum tubes as a standard product age, 2008 years ago to unilaterally enhance the vacuum tube technology standards and unilateral tank insulation standard is characterized by the endothermic or Hot Time. But the escalating phase of the two stages are solar water heater technology, unilateral endothermic or heat can not be achieved the highest energy efficiency of solar water heaters. Japanese Leader solar energy-efficiency standards and energy-efficient solar products launched to lead the solar industry from the era of unilateral endothermic or heat across to the era of energy-efficient.

To promote industrial upgrading, recently launched by the National Solar Standardization Technical Committee and the Chinese Solar Energy Industry Association, energy efficiency grade, has entered a stage of energy efficiency standards. Expected next year, add energy efficiency grading mark on the solar energy products, and as a national mandatory standards implemented in the country. Response to solar energy efficiency standard-setting Japanese Leader's solar Committee for Standardization of this energy-efficient solar seminars, attended the meeting held in Beijing, China solar thermal industry alliance, Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is responsible for the national solar water heaters per capita, energy efficiency standards for solar water heaters in addition to the higher requirements for quality outside, once developed and implemented, consumers will be able to more consumer confidence, not standard brands and businesses will face the fate of being eliminated, energy-efficient solar energy will dominate the market, solar water heater industry into the era of energy-efficient, it will make a greater contribution to the cause of energy conservation in China.