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flat-panel water heater to promote the development of solar thermal industry differences
2012-07-10 by seoer2

Guangzhou Asian Games as the main theme to "low-carbon, environmentally friendly, green solar energy heat utilization project, the country by far the most influential domestic flat panel solar hot water project. 1.1979 million square meters when the project can effectively achieve the race, the hot water supply of 27,500 people after the game for 1.928 million square meters, 56,000 people supply of hot water.
According to statistics of the equipment suppliers five-star solar Asian Games in flat panel solar hot water project can be saving 5.3 million kwh per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 3714.5 tons per year. Five Star Solar is focused on flat-panel solar water heater R & D to produce more than 20 years, the largest manufacturers of flat plate solar. At present, the five-star solar energy has been set out to develop civilian flat-panel hot water engineering, launched "Yayun" series of products.
In recent years, China's solar thermal industry is developing rapidly, the formation of the three pillars of the situation of the Bohai Rim, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the three solar industry cluster. Vacuum tube solar thermal industry and the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Sea, flat-panel solar energy technology development of home solar water heater thermal industry in the Pearl River Delta region to find the differential positioning.
"Flat solar energy in the effective lighting area, collector efficiency compared to the ordinary vacuum tube water heater must be high." China Solar Thermal Industry Association executive president Luo Zhentao pointed out that the solar energy industry structural adjustment will improve the overall strength of our industry.
Flat-panel water heater sunlight absorption rate of up to 95% infrared emission rate is less than or equal to 5 percent, close to the solar thermal conversion ratio limit. Five-star overall development of high-performance absorber plate core unit lighting area increased by 40% year-on-year vacuum tube solar; using the full spectrum of high transmittance of solar energy for glass, non-visible light, infrared and far infrared spectroscopy (accounting for 45% of the evacuated tube solar hot water energy above) through the snow (frost) and glass plate core to absorb and generate heat, so that the collector surface temperature rise, the melting Xueshuang, can work to ensure that winter in the alpine region.