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Compact home solar water heater standards
2012-07-13 by seoer2

A good compact vacuum tube domestic evacuated tube solar hot water should have the following characteristics:

1: The water tank materials to be used to health, non-toxic, not rusty the SUB304 quality stainless steel materials, or enamel interior;

2: The water tank seals should use stamina, long-life high-grade food hygiene silicone rubber material, the tank shell to block dust ring also has anti-aging and long life requirements;

3: The vacuum quality and performance should be in line with GB/T17049-2005 "all-glass vacuum tube solar collector," the national standard;

4: The water tank insulation layer uniform foam, no voids, foam insulation can only use polyurethane foam or polyurethane polystyrene composite foam;

5: If the water heater with auxiliary heat source, the electric heating shall comply with the requirements of safe operation;

6: The bracket must ensure that the outdoor solar garden lights tank filled with water shall not shake and any deformation, while ensuring the long-term use;

7: Sheung Shui, water heaters can be used automatically to the control device can be applied to artificial Sheung Shui;

8: The water heater should the water temperature display device, instrument or automatic control of water temperature, preventing the use of personal injury accidents.