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energy efficiency standards N Call of the solar water heaters, energy-efficient
2012-07-15 by seoer2

Promote the use of solar water heaters and other solar products in the home life.
Solar energy is to have broad prospects for development of new energy, environmental protection, security and other advantages make chinese solar water heater market has great potential.
Mengxian Gan, vice chairman of China Renewable Energy Society, in an interview with the China Electronics News "reporter, said:" At present, solar water heater has a certain market size, solar water heaters to maintain the end of 2009 reached 145 million square meters, will reach 300 million in 2020 square meters. "
Sun rain solar marketing, general manager of Rong-Hua Chen, 1 June 2010, six months, sales of sun rain solar water heater that full-year sales in 2009, the end of 2010 production and sales expected to exceed 2 million units.
With the constant expansion of the solar water heater, the implementation of a series of favorable policies for the development of solar water heater industry has injected new vitality.
Released by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association "China's household electrical appliance industry in 2010, 1025 plan proposal" made it clear: "to develop the use of solar home appliances, as well as new energy appliances, and improve the level of utilization of vacuum tube solar water heater energy technology, and promote solar water heaters, solar products in the home life to use. "
In addition, the implementation of the policy of home appliances to the countryside in three or four market is rapidly growing popularity of solar water heaters. Strong into the solar Li, general manager told the "China Electronics News" reporter: "At present, the rural market is more mature, we must enhance the competitiveness of product quality and business core of home appliances."