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to explore the cause of air to water heater electric water heater manufacturers to vote in pregnant
2012-07-17 by seoer2

The existence and development of the electric water heater industry, from beginning to end along with the constant voices of doubt, the early years of the "gas-electric dispute" not only failed to restrain its momentum, but allowed the rapid development; followed by the continuous pressure of the solar water heater industry. electric water heater is still not "surrender" to many people in the industry jokes that the electric water heater for a "strong power"; However, with the air to the water heater industry in recent years, booming, electric chinese solar water heater manufacturers on pins and needles in the air, can the industry do not suppress the water heater industry situations, many manufacturers of electric water heaters have to compromise, scrambling to join the air to the water heater industry, such as push electric water heater based AO Smith, Ariston, the United States and other manufacturers have set foot in the air to the water heater industry . Electric water heater manufacturers have "defection" in favor of air to the industry, what is?
Air to blowing the energy crisis
Heat pump water heater can be said the seeds of the Chinese market from 2000 began, sounded the clarion call of the industry in 2004 with the benefit of air to the water heater in the CCTV advertising, after this, many enterprises have entered the air-water heater industry and with different way of publicity.
2007, the U.S. air heaters can be a high-profile into the market in 2008, Gree air-china solar water heater sparkling debut, for a time with the international electric water heater giant AO Smith and Ariston also has to get involved. Air to the water heater by several hundreds, the development speed can be described, such as storms, this storm the force of air to water heaters, energy-saving advantage. Air to water heaters, solar dealers have heartily embraced it, showing its energy is overwhelming. Aggressive water saving ring, swept through the National Energy Around the hot water, air heaters can campaign a great electric water heater flame potential, so whipped up a storm of hot water energy saving, new revolution led to a water heater .