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How to find rule out the gas water heater gas poisoning hazard
2012-07-23 by seoer2


Environment, poor ventilation and air leakage
     Environmental poor ventilation, solar air conditioning system and the bathroom was basically compartment installation. But some from the wall of the room decoration closed more stringent water heater installation, to open the intake and exhaust port small or did not set into the exhaust port, poor ventilation; non-standard installation of the flue (chimney); some fortification hood; hole or flue stretched outdoor flue height and position. When you encounter the wind, air pressure and low adverse weather conditions:
    (1) natural draft mode flue type water heater, outside the pumping force of the exhaust is less than the outdoor wind coming down the flue, the occurrence of inverted smoke, the air pressure is low flue gas did not break out; As a result, the proportion of oxygen in the indoor air gradually reduced, forming a vicious circle of flame hypoxia burning of harmful gases in the flue gas increased.
    ② strong emission-type water heater exhaust pumping power is greater than in the general case of outdoor poured into the flue wind down wind, but the adverse wind, the wind is too still; strong emission-type pumping power, indoor air row large amount of poor ventilation, a long time, will cause the oxygen in air. Requires the user in accordance with the provisions of the indoor water heater installation opened into the exhaust flue in accordance with the specified height, location of installation must be installed flue windscreen (hood). Must not break the rules do not install a flue or installation flue non-compliance, in particular, can not be installed in the ceiling, flue rupture, leak difficult to find; flue blockage make the smoke came in the room.
     The leak occurred in the gas supply system and water heater internal, caused by indoor air hypoxia, harmful gas is too high.
     ① supply system supply line (do not connect and disinfection cabinet together with a hose), gas meters, valves, LPG cylinders and pressure regulator leak. This case should be through the pipeline interface, valves and other parts coated with soapy water, foaming agent on a regular basis to check leak; usually check leak news leak smell and listen to the leak of abnormal sound, and remove the hidden dangers of accidents.
     ② water heater leak, can be observed using the water heater, in addition to the fire outside of the exhaust flame, with or without flaming, smoke site or smell of char, rather than smell, the smell of spicy eye appear immediately shut down, shut off the main gas source to find a professional staff inspection, maintenance and resolve.
     According to the above increase in the harmful gases in the china solar water heater flue gas inside and outside of analysis, you want users to pay attention to the following question:
     ① Check the flue installation, identify problems, please reinstall professionals in accordance with national standards;
     ② water heater flame conditions are subject to inspection, appeared after the use of incomplete combustion flame, maintenance;
     ③ the most critical attention to ventilation, air convection can reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the air;
     ④ regularly check the water heater's gas nozzle joints, valves, and to prevent leakage;
     ⑤ regularly check flue pumping power, check that the row fan is normal, to prevent smoke impeded;
     ⑥ use, turn off the gas supply piping and valves.