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the supervision of the heat pump water heater industry urgently needs to be
2012-07-23 by seoer2


Energy saving has become the major issues in China and around the world, including home appliances save energy and be seen as a priority. Recently, the International Copper Association, the National Development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center, Guangzhou Electric Apparatus Research Institute and other institutions held in Guangzhou, energy efficient heat pump solar powered garden lighting technology development and market outlook seminar to discuss the development of new energy electrical heat pump water heater problem.
Experts attending the meeting called for the development of new energy appliances has just started facing the danger of shrinking market, supporting the development of new energy-saving products in urgent need of professional and technical development support is also urgently needed to guide and support the government policy.
It is learned that the Government in the management and supervision of new energy appliances have been in a blank state, and related products lack the necessary certification. Many informal enterprises for electrical safety and protection is not for any consideration, there is a huge security risk, and may even result in personal injury.
Experts worry about the above issues are not addressed, will greatly affect the healthy development of new energy sources such as heat pump water heater appliances, and even lead this emerging growth faced a shrinking market. "Called for the construction of energy-saving society, the government should come up with some specific measures related industry guidance, to promote the healthy development of new energy-saving china solar water heater."