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water heaters reject the concept of speculation war staged
2012-07-26 by seoer2


Within the water heater industry, from technology, the overall strength and brand influence, the ability to launch a "value return" and "landing" battle enterprises only, Haier, AO Smith, a handful of a few. Some action in the near future the United States caused widespread concern in the industry: "multi-point thermostat products issued by the authority of the test report by the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, launched a large-scale heated sun Fengpei activities, actively participate in the water heater products GB enactment. This series of actions around a core - "multi-point thermostat.
    Reporter-depth understanding of the United States in the promotion of multi-point thermostat "function of the water heater products, do not use this the way the concept of speculation, but rather unique departure from the real function of this high-tech flagship "comfortable" brand. "Comfort" of the consumer can see, touch with the functional description, make people truly feel the different multi-point thermostat home solar water heater and other products.
    The experts pointed out that, in fact, the United States has left a distinctive way in the development of multi-point thermostat "technology. Before the water heater industry enthusiastically participated in the new products out before a new concept to educate consumers, and its technical foundation is very weak; the United States' multi-point thermostat "against" first-out products, looking after the selling point practice entirely from the actual needs of the consumers so that consumers can be based on personal preferences, physical conditions, different seasons, different ages, different genders, the bath temperature constant at different temperatures by using a special thermostat technology, temperature range between 20 ℃ to 50 ℃ can choose. This "multi-point thermostat" technology has been walking in the first column of the International America's unique patented technology.
    "Multi-point thermostat" will become a signal of the tube solar water heater industry return value of origin "? Although this problem is not yet a definitive answer, but the industry analysis, multi-point thermostat will draw on its own meet the consumer demand functions and brand influence to detonate the water heater market, other manufacturers will certainly return to this "value "mode is more concern for the development of the water heater industry, multi-point heated will be an important turning point.