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solar water heaters just having hidden troubles
2012-07-29 by seoer2

The problems generated by the solar power air conditioner in bulk in fact, technically, has long been the manufacturing enterprises to solve. The person in charge of a solar enterprise in Shandong read to reporters demonstration picture, he told a reporter, foreign solar buildings has been popular in the civilian market, developers in the construction of housing on the design of solar water heaters to install the entire surface. This solar roof can concentrate on mining the heating, can also be the overall installation of household use. Some of our companies has been successfully test the construction of many similar solar energy-efficient buildings. A solar construction experts said, such as solar water heater installation can enter pre-real estate development construction procedures will be collectors piece, the pipe network as a whole into the wall or pipe, such as unsightly wall pipe network run amok, a leaking households suffer can be resolved.

Bottleneck: Guide to absorb the cost

Since a few years ago, there will be a good solution, why has not seen to promote it? R & D of solar energy companies in Jiangsu Province, told reporters that the key lies in the interests of the word. Developers If you want to design a solar roof in the building, not only leak-proof roof, pipe laying and other construction costs increase, and if the late maintenance of weak, easy to dispute with the landlord, so developers do not want to in case there is no mandatory provisions of to take up this hot potato, the formation of technology without market stalemate. Last year, the Ministry of Construction of Jiangsu Province, a solar energy companies issued jointly by the architectural design energy-efficient two-way collector bathroom Atlas, means that the solar powered air conditioners "cover" into the house to break the ice may. Nanda an expert in foreign countries, most countries in the energy industry, the introduction of universal taxation, financial and other preferential policies. The energy conservation requires the national government acts to promote, where necessary, to take compulsory measures to promote.