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Wuxi will push solar hot water system
2012-07-30 by seoer2

enewable resources Law "was implemented, the building department in charge was given management responsibilities to the use of solar equipment installed on the buildings. Jiangsu Province in November last year, the introduction of the relevant provisions of the proposed levels of planning, construction, real estate sector, vigorously promote the popularization and application of solar hot water system in the management areas.

Municipal Construction Bureau is responsible for this work, the total division deputy director of the ginger family, reading the relevant policies of the Wuxi: since March 1 this year, commissioned a new 12-storey urban area of ??the design review of construction plans and the following residential and new alteration, expansion of the hotel, hotels, commercial and residential hot chinese solar water heater needs of the public buildings of unified design, the installation of solar hot water systems; must take full advantage of all the roof on the principle of solar energy resources and give priority to supply the upper floors, while encouraging non- top-level position in the architectural railings, side walls to install solar water heating systems; solar hot water systems and building construction synchronization in place, and included in the cost of housing construction; government-led peasant resettlement housing, affordable housing, government office buildings, more should play an exemplary role; do not intend to use solar water heating systems due to special circumstances, the Construction Bureau should be to apply the decision after discussion by experts.
Source: Jiangnan Evening News

Water heaters included in the prices, will prices have any effect? The Zingiberaceae said, is more complex styles and installation of solar water heaters, the average Tandao It is estimated that each household about 4000 yuan.

At yesterday's meeting site, the "Emperor Ming", "Hua Yang", "force Norit involved in the related GB to develop big-name vendors are very active, and introduce them around the successful model of building eye-opening. The reporter interviewed some of the participating professionals, they believe that China solar energy vacuum tube water heater technology as the core, after ten years of development, has been a world leader. Many parts of the unified construction, focus on mining can be a heating system, and tenants in their own home at any time swipe-card access to the hot water, very convenient. Wuxi natural conditions suitable for the promotion of this system, and the public to accept a high degree, the general trend of energy saving and environmental protection, would certainly be welcomed. Of course, large-scale centralized hot water supply management, maintenance and charges, will definitely give the property management in the future many new problems.

The reporter found that the spontaneously by the masses in the solar water heater installation, development to the government to promote a strong, has many local solar heating water manufacturers "everywhere", has been depleted out of the market. Not to mention the industry standards, and even the yesterday venue, there was only one of Wuxi enterprises.