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steam can also be used for cooling that is environmentally friendly and save money
2012-08-06 by seoer2

The steam can be used for not only winter, central solar power air conditioner system, also can be used to focus on refrigeration in summer. Recently, I learned from Hefei, Thermo Electron Corporation, steam cooling compared to conventional cooling methods, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly and more economical characteristics, and by the increasing number of Hefei public as well as industrial and commercial users of all ages.
    Focus on the use of steam heating, for no stranger, for the use of steam cooling, many people with cold large to understand not. Recently, I took the above issues into the Hefei Thermo Electron Corporation. According to the Hefei Thermo technicians, under the high temperature effect, the water is vaporized into steam. In the cooling process, steam is a driving force to promote the LiBr steam chiller unit operation, the power of the cooling water temperature. 12 ℃ in the water flowing through the refrigeration opportunity to be cooled to 7 ° C and 7 ° C cold water flow through the pipe network to send and divergence to the room air-conditioners, central air conditioning system. Scattered the water temperature after the cold reply to 12 ℃, back to the lithium bromide steam chillers, and then recycling refrigeration.
    Steam cooling of the room, people can not only enjoy the natural cool, compared with ordinary air-conditioning, also has a uniform fresh air, air-solar powered air conditioner, and humidity suitable. Meanwhile, steam centralized refrigeration more environmentally friendly, it uses lithium bromide as the refrigerant, unlike the common use of air conditioning freon as easy to damage the ozone layer. Has obvious advantages but also the economic cost per user, low price to make more people to choose it. Relative electric refrigeration, steam centralized refrigeration average savings of about 30% of the cost.