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phase change energy storage refrigerated incubator in the cold chain logistics
2012-08-09 by seoer2

Mention in the daily application of cold chain logistics will think of refrigeration. In fact, when refrigeration and insulation is a relative concept. In other words, in the cold chain logistics and transport than in refrigeration technology, is also reflected in the thermal protection technology.
China trade more extensive use of phase change energy storage technology in the cold chain logistics and transport, mainly related to the aviation transport of the cold chain, cold chain transportation by land, rail transportation and other cold chain logistics system, including a variety of cold-chain products. Also provide special personalized service. The core technology of the winter season, customers have different needs, the China International Trade and the application of independent intellectual property rights developed phase change energy solar power air conditioner (storage, thermal storage) can also provide a summer cold, winter cold chain insulation of heat retaining professional and customized solutions.
    Cases (150 hours air cold chain logistics personalized solutions)
    The practical application of the air cold chain transportation, the China trade who cold-chain transport of a Fortune 500 companies design personalized aviation solutions. In the program, customers in the cold chain logistics and transport, the following requirements:
    An external ambient temperature is about 25 ℃ -35 ℃ incubator the temperature range below 8 ℃, insulation days: six natural days.
    Using environmentally friendly materials. The overall use of durable materials, reusable, and can be cleaned.
    Non-hazardous liquid coolant used in line with the conditions of carriage of goods.
    (4) to ensure the integrity of the contents in the normal land and air (the enclosure for drop resistance, and ability to fight).
    Based on the above customer needs, the program configured as follows:
    Change energy storage medium test to the same environmental conditions as the basis, the energy storage medium designed to solve single-cooled ice box (one-way cooling) in the external ambient temperature of about 25 ℃ to 35 ℃ incubator temperature control range below 8 ℃, insulation day for 6 days requirement.
    (2) outside the box of wear resistant material, all outside the box accessories using imported parts. Ensure the cabinet as a whole is strong, durable, easy to damage the box to adapt to long-term use and easy to clean.
    (3) within the enclosure design with the independent intellectual property rights of the China trade foldable ultra-thin insulation sheet, insulation performance, superior to traditional insulation sheet, the same insulation effect of the thickness of only about 60 percent of traditional insulation sheet.
    4.Cabinet compliance with air cargo transport conditions, to protect the integrity of the cabinets of air cargo. Increase drop resistance box, crash, impact function.
    5 optimize the volume to weight ratio, make it as close to 1:1.
    This program in the actual application process by the use of solar powered air conditioners of the party.