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solar water heater is now security
2012-08-12 by seoer2

"The security of the solar water heater depends on the quality of the product itself, but also on the flaws in the post-installation and post-maintenance, a lot of the explosion are in fact install or maintain, such as the scale of the blockage, consumers in this regard the most easy to neglect for the common water solar power air conditioners safety incidents, the Beijing New Energy and Renewable Energy Association, hot director of the professional committee Luoying Jun pointed out to the consumer should pay attention to prevention in the process of using three hidden.

Bear the brunt should be noted that the pipes leaking, the user forgets to close the valve or valve failure, and damage can be caused by leaking pipe joints aging, not only to reduce work efficiency, but also lead to an explosion event. Followed by poor exhaust pipe, summer high temperatures, the tank water temperature less than two days can reach the boiling point, the water a long time do not use the tank will be a long time at a high temperature, high pressure state, this may occur when a poor exhaust, etc., and then exploded. The third is the case of summer lightning attack will destroy not only the solar collector panels, lightning will directly along the water delivery conduit which leads to the indoor, bedroom or appliances being struck by lightning. "To avoid these security incidents, it is necessary to select the brand, the second is to find the problem to the vendor in a timely manner to reflect the professional home maintenance, while their regular home maintenance of pipes, tanks and other equipment. In addition, if you encounter thunderstorms. Try not to use solar water heaters. Luoying Jun, compared to many of the advantages of other types of water heaters, solar power air conditioning water heaters, security is generally no problem, as long as consumers pay more attention in the course of the can.