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Cooling air conditioning unit and spray equipment in the summer
2012-08-16 by seoer2

From the old order in the roof to install a simple water cycle system cooling, the invention of the electric fan, and then to the popularity of air conditioning, people are gradually enjoy technology brings results. Now, spray cooling of the high-tech technology in people's lives gradually extended.
    Leading low-carbon era, this "boom" nor that "the tide"
    The spray cooling technology domestic fame in the 2010 Shanghai Expo will be held. With the well-known amplitude is greatly enhanced, spray cooling technology Unstoppable 's to enter the domestic market, and gradually the people known to use.
    Spray equipment specializing in the production of distributors in Shenzhen Yi Jing spray cooling experts said, the spray cooling of low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy, comfortable and a variety of advantages in a. Undertake a wide range of all the advantages of air conditioning, and optimization, it has long breeding under the air conditioning Air conditioning disease, the use of spray cooling will no longer exist.
    Some consumers worried about the use of spray cooling will impact the living environment of the surrounding, for example, politely whether it will become wet it? The **** is in the negative. Shenzhen Yi Jing spray cooling, the researchers said, the spray cooling only by high-pressure pump pressurized water and 5 microns atomizing nozzle, the solar powered garden lighting instantly split into millions of micron water molecules, forming a cloud and fog the same organizational structure, naturally floating in the air to form cloudy, absorbing the instantaneous evaporation of the hot air will not be wet.
    Out of the indoors, to the public
    Compared to traditional cooling equipment, air conditioning, cooling spray also has a prominent advantage: Safe indoor and outdoor.
    As we all know, air-conditioning are in the room, while the areas covered by the spray cooling is relatively wider and more comfortable, it can be extended to the outdoors. Many people in the summer time, in order to prevent high temperatures in the Department, most of them do not want to go out.
    However, with the emergence of the spray cooling technology, this situation will be reversed. People can enjoy the cool, multi-out walk outdoors breathing fresh air outside, so that is more conducive to physical and mental health. Many of the city's public places and so began to install the device. Have the advantages of such a unique, spray cooling, can be described as the prospects are quite good.
    Perfect for the future will hold up the industry, half of the sky
    Shenzhen Yi Jing spray cooling sources, spray technology has been gradually formed the industrial chain, spray solar powered air conditioners, spray dust a number of spray technology has gradually cut the outcrop angle. It is a masterpiece of healthy living, environmental protection and pollution-free. With the people's living standards gradually improve the environmental health of this concept will become a code of practice in people's lives. Follow the direction of sustainable development under the premise of moving closer to the market, this win-win situation, called "perfect for. With the advent of summer, spray cooling, to the rising sun of potential ready to go, gushing out, spewing and hair, to Phi Mi, with other industry products to look their support or opposition.