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Boiler heating system energy saving technology was a major breakthrough
2012-08-16 by seoer2

The technology has been applied in a pilot project in Beijing, solar terms up to 33%, the next step will be considered to promote the use of other projects. Refrigeration Express reporter has learned, the boiler room six new energy-saving technologies applied to other heating reconstruction project, save energy, improve the effectiveness of saving a grand total of one million yuan of funds. The six new energy-saving technologies, including: compensation of climate control technology, flue gas condensing heat recovery technology, pump frequency conversion technology, hydraulic pipe network and balance technology, the proportion of combustion technology and heating systems to centralized automatic control technology. Peace in the seven District V title boiler room energy-saving projects for the Beijing Energy Conservation Demonstration boiler room.
    The system by installing, debugging boiler room energy saving technology and equipment, improve the system energy usage, solar power air conditioner the flue gas condensing heat recovery equipment, the flue gas outlet temperature dropped to 58 ° C in the original circulating pump on the basis of the frequency control technology installed, the pump power consumption dropped significantly enhanced the degree of automation of the system, on the basis of the hydraulic balance adjustment, the centralized control system, according to data provided by the climate compensator through the outdoor temperature automatically adjust the output heat load, the regulation of the level of a much more refined. Thereby not only effectively solve the hydraulic imbalance, Enthusiasm and large energy consumption and solar heating water output after the transformation is more reasonable, saving a lot of electricity and gas.