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An ice storage technology energy efficient
2012-08-20 by seoer2

Did not implement the central heating in winter every household firewood for heating this primitive way of energy is a waste of energy, but also pollute the environment. North after the implementation of the thermal station of central heating, energy conservation, while also protecting the environment. The south light a fire to warm the winter time is very short or basic firewood for heating, but the summer use of air conditioning cooling. , Regardless of the North and South residential, hotel, hotels, shops, offices and other buildings, are equipped with split air conditioning or central air solar powered air conditioners, especially in the southern region, especially in Hainan, all year round air conditioning cooling very long time, air conditioners, consume a lot of energy. The district cooling station cooling methods with the northern winter when central heating is very similar. This cooling mode is actually a regional cold site as a cold source and energy centers to the surrounding buildings, through the pipe network of regional air-conditioning thermostat with cold water, to meet the conference hall, exhibition halls, hotels, universities, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings and other cold needs of different users, and the heat generated can also be used when cooling supplied to the building hot water. Obviously, with central heating, central cooling methods will greatly improve the utilization of energy.
    Development direction of the ice storage as an important energy-saving means of the new century, to the benefit of mankind and has broad prospects for development of new technologies, have a good social and economic effect in the world's energy and environmental protection is increasingly important today, ice storage will serve as China's electric power peak load shifting, grid electricity load rate, improve the comprehensive benefits of the power investment and an important means to reduce CO2, sulfide emissions to protect the environment.
    Ice storage technology is the use of grid trough at night time, the use of low-cost electric ice storage cooling capacity to store up during the day and peak water soluble, cooling and refrigeration units, while the air conditioning peak load during the day, to build the cold release the amount of sets of technology to meet the needs of air-conditioning peak load, transform simple installation; savings in operating costs; peak load shifting; the balance of power grid to reduce the national electricity investment; from the rational allocation of energy angle, energy savings, because the power station is based on how much of the electricity decided to open the number of load generating units.
    Large units frequently open, close the unit enormous solar air conditioning system, but a lot of trouble. If we can do the unit without stopping the machine, it will be natural energy use more fully, do not make night life. However, the machine can work, which solved the problem.
    Under normal circumstances, a designed storage system to the unit can use the cost of the storage capacity to measure the storage device. In addition, the configuration of the storage system also affects the size of the storage device. On the choice of refrigerant contained in the ice storage;
    1) so requests are contained in the refrigerant at the working temperature in a liquid state, not a phase transition. Requirements of the solidification temperature of the refrigerant is low waste than the evaporation temperature of refrigerant at least 4 to 8 ℃ standard evaporation temperature than the cooling system can achieve the maximum temperature. Specific heat, pass a certain heat, allow refrigerant cycle of a small amount of conveying the refrigerant pump power consumption to reduce the pipeline supplies reduced, thereby enhancing the economy of the cycle. In addition, when a certain amount of fluid to carry a certain amount of heat than the heat can make the heat transfer temperature difference decreases.
    2) thermal conductivity, increase the heat transfer effect, reduce the heat transfer area of ??heat transfer equipment.
    3) viscosity to be small in order to reduce the flow resistance and pump power.
    4) The chemical properties stable. Refrigerant within the operating temperature does not decompose; together with the air oxidation, and the requirements of non-corrosive to equipment and piping.