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Seawater seawater heat pump technology can do "air conditioning" concern
2012-08-21 by seoer2

  Seawater central air conditioning technology is also known as a sea water heat pump technology. World originated in the 1970s, the use of sea water for heat pump heat source, famous buildings such as the Sydney Opera House with the technology. Seawater heat pump technology uses a small amount of energy extracted from seawater heat and cold, to take the heat and cooling purposes, not only the winter heating and summer cooling, air-conditioning, director of the Institute of the China Academy of Building Research, Xu Wei said. According to reports, the seawater heat pump technology to extract just the sea water in the thermal operation of the heat pump compressor unit to use only a quarter of the electricity equivalent to ordinary air chinese solar water heater needed to operate throughout the heating process does not cause any pollution to air, water. Meanwhile, the use of seawater for heating and cooling without coal, oil, greatly reducing the cost.

    November 2004 the first direct sea water as a heat source seawater central air conditioning "in Weihai International Yacht Club successfully installed, the introduction of this new technology, Shandong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Fulda also won the national invention patent. This company is one of the earliest manufacturers of air conditioning research and production of ground temperature, produced in 1996, China's first ground temperature air conditioning equipment. General manager Wang Fumin, said China's coastal city heating mainly by coal-fired, oil-fired boiler, the traditional way, which exacerbates the degree of air pollution of coastal cities, is also exacerbated by the structure of energy supply and demand contradiction. Over 30,000 km of coastline, including land 18,000 km of coastline, the sea is an inexhaustible source of renewable energy.

    According to insiders, China has become the world's major powers of the refrigeration and air conditioning, energy-hungry air conditioning to become the national economy, and the general central air-conditioning energy consumption accounts for 50% of the total energy consumption of the entire building, may reach 60% for shopping centers and Complex or more. If the use of seawater central air conditioning, these buildings can save about three-quarters of the electrical energy than traditional air conditioning energy consumption.

    The seawater the environmental effects of the central air-conditioning is also a traditional air conditioning can not match the technical personnel responsible for the Shandong Haiyang Ambassador Seaview Hotel "the seawater Central air conditioning" the reporter said, to seawater introduction of seawater central air conditioning system by playing sea wells, seawater heat is solar power air conditioning, the sea again be "sent" back into the sea, in the summer, cold seawater is extracted, a drop of sea water a lot of ground "sent" back into the sea, and these processes are by computer-controlled.